How to Support Your Motocross Habit on the Cheap

Motocross is a truly wild sport. It’s fun to watch and is closely followed by devotees, though it can be a bit risky. Motocross is also more than 90 years old, which makes it older than the Winter Olympics.

To a fan, motocross is a thrilling ride, but to the true devotee, motocross is a lifestyle — one that it isn’t cheap to maintain. If motocross is your thing, or if you want it to be your thing, the costs can seem more than a little daunting. How can anybody maintain the kind of lifestyle that demands frequent travel, expensive safety gear, entry fees and memberships, and a racing bike on top of all that?

If this stresses you out, don’t worry. Below, you can see some tips for supporting your motocross habit on the cheap.

Find the bike that suits your budget

Your motocross bike will probably be the most expensive single purchase you make while pursuing the sport. To find something cheap, it’s best to look for two-stroke stock bikes that don’t have too many hours on them, from an owner who can knowledgeably answer your questions.

However, there’s an important caveat. You can probably find a new bike for under $1,000 without much trouble, but you will likely end up putting $500 or more in to it for repairs. The truth is that motocross bikes can be very expensive to maintain, which brings us to our next point.

Take care of your bike

Motocross bikes are ridden frequently, ridden hard, and often ridden in adverse conditions, which means they get a lot of wear and tear. Because of this wear and tear, most motocross riders act as their own mechanics (another way to save money).

So you’ll want to invest in high-quality motorcycle accessories. Be sure that you have the right tools for the job, quality lifts for your garage-cum-workshop, and most importantly, quality motorcycle oil. High-performance engines have to contend with sand, water, mud, and all sorts of other nasties. Their engines, as small as they are, need more frequent oil changes. Being diligent about oil changes can extend the life of your engine by years.

In fact, you can do tons of things beyond oil changes to extend the life of your bike. For example, when you come to a stop, switch the bike into neutral, rather than putting it in gear, and let out the clutch. This can help your clutch last longer. A clutch kit can run you almost $1,000, and if you’re racing every weekend, you could easily go through a clutch each year. 

Scour the internet for the best deals

Even if you buy a quality bike, change the oil frequently, and never abuse your clutch, you will — at some point — find yourself having to plunk down money. It’s true that learning to repair your bike on your own can save you the hassle and price of going to a mechanic, but you still need to purchase parts on your own.

And this doesn’t just go for racing bike parts: as a motocross athlete, you’ll be needing specialty clothing, medical supplies, and even food and drink to keep you charged over long race weekends. These ancillary goods can add up as well.

So what should you do? Don’t be afraid to look into alternative markets, like online auctions, to find great deals on goods that you need. There’s a lot out there on the internet, and you can find some deals if you keep at it.

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