Serger Sewing Machine Vs Embroidery Machine

A Serger Sewing Machine and an Embroidery Machine are different entirely. They are used for different applications and they come with a set of different features as well, and each one is used for different embroidery designs. If you are confused between these two different types of sewing machines, then the following report will tell you all the differences between these two machines and how they are different from each other.

Sewing Machine is the most common name in the industry and we all people are pretty much aware of it. However, there are people who are not aware of the Serger Sewing Machine. The following article is prepared for the users who are actually in need of such a useful machine in their sewing-related jobs.

Whether you are planning to buy a new Serger or both these machines, the following comparison between the Serger and a Sewing Machine will clear all your doubts now. Let’s get on to the comparison article now!

Serger Vs. Embroidery Machine 

What is a Serger? 

A Serger is an advanced type of a Sewing Machine which is designed to enhance the sewing performance of a user. The Serger is designed with a set of extra features which you can use for multiple tasks.

Standard Sewing Machine uses a single bobbin to sew; while a serger machine comes with three to four bobbins. You can use these multiple bobbins for a variety of tasks. They are there to let the user use different coloured threads simultaneously.

What is an Embroidery Machine? 

Embroidery Machines are nothing but an advanced sewing machine which is designed to add more style to your clothes. Embroidery machines are designed for professional fashion designers and other professionals who work on their own clothes.

An embroidery machine sews automatically and prints out the selected design faster. Advanced Embroidery Machines come with a variety of useful features which you can use to get professional-grade results on your own.

Seger Vs. Embroidery


Serger Machines are faster than Embroidery Machines. Since Sergers are work on basic clothes and are designed for basic stitching tasks, they work relatively faster than the advanced embroidery machines.

On the other hand, Embroidery Machines too run faster and offer great performance. However, they require extra time to put the perfect designs on the clothes.


Serger Machines are a little complicated and they are not suitable for the new users. If you haven’t used a new generation sewing machine or haven’t worked with a sewing machine, then you will have to spend some time with the Serger to get used to it.

Embroidery Machines are more user-friendly than any other sewing machines. They work automatically and come with simple controls to make use of its features.


A Serger Machine is used to sew a long straight line of different colours. You can use multiple threads on a single serger machine as it uses multiple bobbins. You can add simple designs with different colours of threads using a Serger Machine.

On the other hand, an embroidery machine is for the professional fashion designers who can draw a picture with the thread on cloth using this machine. Yes, you can actually print a logo, picture or design using an embroidery machine. The machine uses multiple colour threads to get you the perfect design on the desired cloth.


A Seger Machine is used to sew seams or finish edges on a particular cloth. You can also use this machine for both, seam and finish edges at the same time. A serger can be used to decorate the cloths with simple straight lines in different colour threads.

An Embroidery Machine is used to sew a picture, design or anything under the moon. A computerized Embroidery Machine features a USB Port allowing users to import different types of designs which you can select and print on a cloth.


Serger Machines are there for limited use and they come with a set of limited functionalities. For the very same reason, the pricing of Serger Machines is lower than the Embroidery Machines.

Embroidery Machines come with multiple functionalities and they are used for professional designer clothes. The pricing of an embroidery machine is very high. If you are an economy user, then you should not go with an embroidery machine.

There are many types of Sewing Machines which come with Embroidery feature. You can use both, a sewing machine and an embroidery machine as per your needs.

Which is Good for Me? 

Since the functionality and use of these two machines are different, you need to make a wise move when it comes to buying a new Serger or an Embroidery Machine. As mentioned in the above differences, a Serger is used to draw a simple straight line or straight designs on the clothes.

While an embroidery machine is used to draw different types of designs and artwork on the cloths. Depending upon your basic needs, you can pick the right machine from the market which can fulfil your needs.

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