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Just A Gent Drops The Sublime “Time Voyage”

Just A Gent has collaborated with none other than Hauskey to drop a must-hear release on Monstercat. The artists bring out “Time Voyage” this week, which transcends the senses with its richly strewn instrumentals and funky bassline.

In regards to the track’s inspiration, Just A Gent explains: I wrote the original track just chilling in my studio after watching a bunch of Futurama and it got me thinking about time and how everyone perceives time and we never know how much time we have left. So after I made the beat for the track I then named it ‘Time Voyage.’A couple of months later I ended up in the Studio with an amazing vocalist and top-liner Andy Hopkins and cellist Hannah Oblikov and we essentially finished the track that day, Andy and I had the vocal done after about an hour and Hannah just smashed the strings first take. The track came together so fast, it was nuts! In the end the track turned out exactly how I envisioned it and I feel the song is an excellent reminder to always remember time is relative – you can go on a voyage whenever you want.”

“Time Voyage” can be streamed below.

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