INTERVIEW: Ralphi Rosari

Hi Ralphi, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’m doing very well thank you. Been quite the busy year.

From all the songs out there, why did you choose to remix “How Do I Love Thee”?

I was familiar with the original version done by Queen Latifah. It was a favorite of mine back in the day.

Was it easy to tackle on this song and pay your own rendition?

At first, no as there was some pitch issues with some of the original music/instrumentation, but I worked around it and found a sweet spot with new keys, & instrumentation. I finally felt great with the end result.

How was the recording and re-writing process?

It was hard at first, as I wanted to keep some of the original music in my new version, but after programming new keys, it started to take shape. Once I start dancing around in the studio, I knew the magic’s been created!

How did you get to balance the original with your own take?

I ended up stripping everything except for the vocal performance and the horn solos. Once we added keys, & drum work, it truly became magic. I’m always into preserving the original artist’s performance FIRST.

When it comes to remixing an actual DJ/Producer, does the approach changes when this is the case rather than remixing an artist like Madonna?

For me, it doesn’t. I go with what I’m feeling listening to my new drum work over the vocal performance, and it all starts to eventually come together and make sense. Sometimes it may take a while, but the end result is truly worth it.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

There’s has been new material, and now for 2020, I’m VERY excited to have another new project with one of my best friends and co-producer Craig J. Snider here in Chicago, and it will be released by Wakeup Music the  Chicago and Miami based record label Craig & I were responsible for many remixes back in the day, we programmed so much together. Madonna, Pussycat Dolls, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Pet Shop Boys & many others.

This album is at least 6 years in the making and it goes to visit our musical & authentic house music roots. Craig has taught me so much, and it’s an honor to finally have something Nu and original to release.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

We’re currently looking at the first quarter of 2020.

Any plans to hit the road?

Outside of my own travels every year, next year Craig & I will be showcasing not only Our work live, but a few other surprises as well.

What else is happening next in Ralphi Rosario’s world?

Apart from DJ-ing, I’m concentrating on the new Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Snider album which we’re honoured that Wake Up! Music is releasing.

Listen to Ralphi Rosario’s Remix of ‘How Do I Love Thee’ here:

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