Inspired by Netflix’s pop culture phenomenon ‘Stranger Things’Ingrid Michaelson’s new album ‘Stranger Songs’ has captured the imagination of new fans and long-term devotees alike. Now the pop singer-songwriter delves further into the project’s themes by sharing the album’s full-length graphic novel lyric video.

Ingrid teamed up  with a legion  of incredible comic book artists to create a visual chapter for each of the album’s eleven songs. While the songs are all inspired by the characters and narratives from the ‘Stranger Things’ universe, the lyrics can also be applied to universally relatable experiences too. The eclectic and diverse roster of creators have focused on that element of the songs, as shown in Kenny Park’s emotional, anime-styled video for ‘Mother’ and Kevin Wada’s beautiful interpretation of ‘Missing You’.

The project features contributions from the following artists:

Chapter 1: ‘Freak Show’ by Ryan Cody
Ryan Cody hails from Los Angeles and is a professional comic book creator with three kids and just one wife. Often needing drinks, Cody is the go-to illustrator for area-best comic shop Golden Apple Comics and their own publication, the 80s-inspired Adventure Van and co-hosts the blog and podcast, The Illustrious Gentlemen.

Chapter 2: ‘Young and in Love’ by Jen Bartel

Jen Bartel is a multi-racial illustrator and comic artist who is best known for her ongoing cover work for clients like Marvel, Disney and Chronicle Books. She is the co-creator and artist of BLACKBIRD, from Image Comics. Bartel has recently created shoes for Adidas featuring the Marvel Cinematic Universe character Captain Marvel.

Chapter 3: ‘Hey Kid’ by Kate Leth

Kate Leth is a transgender bestselling writer and cartoonist, specialising in teen and all-ages stories for both page and screen. You can find her licensed comics work in Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat for Marvel, as well as series such as Vampirella, Girl Over Paris, Edward Scissorhands, Fraggle Rock and three Adventure Time graphic novels.

Chapter 4: ‘Hate You’ by Megan Hutchison

From Austin, Megan Hutchison will have an episode of Star Trek on while listening to ambient or death metal to make the illustrative moment right. After working in the film industry as a production designer for years, she followed her passion for art and became a full-time illustrator. Rockstars is the result of this shift in creative focus and a strong seller for Image.

Chapter 5: ‘Jealous’ by Amanda Conner

An American female comic artist and illustrator for more than thirty years, Amanda Conner started for Marvel and Archie comics in the late eighties to later illustrate for everything from Playskool to the New York Times. Her work crossed over to television, helping to deliver the comic animation work to the long-running show The Big Bang Theory. Her recent work has been her fan favourite, helping DC deliver the Harley Quinn stand-alone comic.

Chapter 6: ‘Missing You’ by Kevin Wada

Kevin Wada is an Asian-American watercolour painter and comics artist, who resides in San Francisco as a LGBTIQA-leader in the comic community. This illustrator gained popularity as a fan artist, depicting characters from Marvel Comics and DC Comics wearing high fashion. He now works as a comic cover artist. In 2015, he re-designed the Marvel Comics character Scarlet Witch and has done variant cover work for Buffy The Vampire Slayer for Boom! Comics.

Chapter 7: ‘Best Friend’ by Hafsah Mijinyawa

As an illustrator, print and motion designer (and glorified nerd) based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this Muslim-American female designer has been making her inroads with global cyber-security company DUO and has been the principal designer for the Cinetopia International Film Festival for Detroit and southeastern Michigan.

Chapter 8: ‘Mother’ by Kenny Park

Kenny Park is an illustrator and storyboard artist living in Toronto, Canada whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, Vancouver Magazine, Nuvo Magazine and The Canadian Press. His animation skills have been showcased on several film and television productions, including projects by DreamWorks, Blue Sky Studios, Point Grey Pictures and most recently Netflix.

Chapter 9: ‘Christmas Lights’ by Isabella Rotman

Isabella Rotman is a LGBTIQA cartoonist and illustrator from Maine, living and drawing in Chicago. Her art is usually about the ocean, mermaids, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, or sex. She is the author of the comic You’re So Sexy When You Aren’t Transmitting STIs.

Chapter 10: ‘Pretty’ by Nicola Scott

With a history in theatre and in costume design, the Sydney-based artist Nicola Scott started pursuing a comics career in 2001. 2016 saw the launch of her critically acclaimed creator-owned maxi-series Black Magick and DC’s Wonder Woman: Year One to celebrate the character’s 75th anniversary. Nicola partnered with DC Comics and The United Nations to create the key art for Wonder Woman’s Honorary Ambassadorship For Women and Girls.

Chapter 11: ‘Take Me Home’ by Davi Go

Davi Go is a Jamaican LGBTIQA commission artist. Young and new on the comic scene, he established this pseudonym to create a persona online to match his talent and drive. He has worked for Marvel, DC, Image and the video gaming industry.

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