How to Write a College Application that Guarantees Admission?

The college application process can one of the most dreaded or exciting time of a student’s life. The uncertainty will wither give you the thrill or merely pin you down with the overwhelming fear. For colleges tend to receive numerous applications everywhere – and somewhere around 5.9% of the applicants are selected in most Ivy League school. Your goal in the college application process is that it must provide complete, authentic information and must help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips that can guarantee your admission, if incorporated correctly in your application process:

Do Not Be Hasty

College application processes can be time consuming and may feel never ending. But do not rush through it. That is why you must begin with the deadline and carefully fill out the application forms, of the respective colleges that you would like to attend. Moreover, you should set a time period for how long will you take to write your college essay as well. Since you will need to write multiple drafts before you can prefect your essay, instead of taking the notorious route to buy essay fast.

Some college applications even get rejected because the information provided does not match the documents that have been attached with it. Hence, being hasty on your college application process can compromise your chances of admission.

Know the Type of Candidate Your Desired College is Looking for

Each college has a different set of principles through which they filter students for admission. Thus, every college is not seeking for a book-smart individual with exceptionally high SAT score. Remember, that you are competing with the best of the best individuals – so scores will certainly overlap. All you must understand is that you should come off as a versatile student and a fit candidate for each college you are applying to. This can be done by:

  • Highlighting a past experience as a team captain or class representative that shows leadership qualities.

  • Having a close ancestor who is a part of the alumni; some traits are inherited.

  • Participation in national or international projects related to the field you are applying for.

  • Participation in social work or activism for different causes.

These few things will not only help you stand of – but if they fit the principles of the college you are applying to; you will be guaranteed admission. This is because you shall help the college work towards their goals as an influential institute.

Apply in the Earlier Round of Applications

Not many students are anticipated to apply for colleges as early as possible. Most of them are either too hesitant or unprepared. Hence, you must make sure that you time your college application process in such a manner that you do not end up missing the first round of application. This not only increases the chances of your acceptance, but also demonstrates your enthusiasm.

Pay Careful Attention to Your Admission Essay

Your admission essay is what will be the most unique part of your application. Refrain from becoming one of those incompetent students who continue begging with the overused phrase “someone write my essay for me.” You should be self-aware and interested in yourself enough to write about your college application essay. Only you can represent your weaknesses and strengths in an impressive manner. Hence, pay careful attention to this part of your application process. Speak passionately, show your willingness to learn and demonstrate the qualities that you believe are fit to the program you are applying for. You may ask your teachers to proof read your essay. But make sure that it is one of the winning aspects of your application.

Review Your Application Before Hitting Send

Students tend to be so fed up with the ongoing application process for the several universities that you apply for – that is why once they feel like they are through with the application, they immediately hit send. If you are having a hard time proofreading all your college applications, then have a friend or a teacher sit with you and help you proofread them before sending them out.

College applications can be daunting, but doing it earlier, with the right demeanor and knowledge can certainly help you bag more admission letters – than doing it in a sloppy, hurried and panicked manner. Use your prior summer breaks wisely to research about the colleges that you are aspiring to study at and this way you can manage your time, activities and application process better.

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