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The Importance of Hiring UI UX Design Agencies for Startups

When you are starting a business, it is understandable that you just want to scrimp on your expenses. You want your capital investment to be spent on capital outlay like the property for the office or store, equipment, furniture and fixtures and many others. Some of it will also be spent on employment and other operational expenses. Many entrepreneurs consider user interface and user experience designs like just an icing on the cake.

You have to consider this though: a cake without icing will sell only if there are no other cakes available in the market. Customers are willing to pay more if it is also something more: a cake with beautifully designed icing that tastes just as good. This is why it is important to hire UI UX design agencies that can help you kick-start your business.

Return of investment will be worth it

In the words of automotive executive Ralf Speth, the chief executive officer of Jaguar Land Rover: “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” UI and UX designers are among the highest-paid professionals. So maintaining one in your business is going to be quite pricey. But hiring a design firm that specializes in UI and UX will be better. This way, you can hire the agency during special projects and on a regular consultancy basis.

So why should you spend part of your capital on design? Because we live in a digital world where people use their computers and mobile phones on almost anything. We live in a world where everything we need is in a mobile application. It is safe to say that every start-up should have a website and a mobile app. In both cases, software development and website design are two of the primordial considerations. Then user interface and user experience follow.

UI and UX are not interchangeable, but most design and development agencies have both because both areas of digital design should work hand in hand. So how are these two digital design sections differentiated? The UX represents the technical aspect of the design while the UI refers to the presentation.

UX agency takes convenience at your fingertips

Competition, especially in this technological revolution, is getting stiffer. Every company one ups the other. So every start-up should start its game strong. Part of this is getting the user experience design right. Whether you are selling products or offering services, both of these have become digital products. At least, if you also want to be more competitive, you offer digital products. Meaning, everything you sell or offer should be within reach of your customer’s fingertips.

UX companies like Ramotion will make sure that the design and development of application are user-centered. This means that the convenience of the client is of utmost importance. Convenience means they not only get what they want easily, that they also gain product or service information in a few simple maneuvers. The engineering of this full service is the crux of a top UX design. The interactive-designed app should be easy to navigate because that would make clients return for more.

Aesthetics is just as important

As mentioned, UX and UI work hand in hand, which is why most design firms offer both services. But while UX is more technical, UI leans on the aesthetics. But it has to be clarified that this is about functional aesthetics. It’s not just about beauty, it’s also about harmony. Attractiveness is not enough, there should be order.

UI design involves a lot of user research. What colors attract more clients? What fonts are jarring and should not be used in by the development company on any part of the UI UX design? What icons are allowed to be beside each other? These are things that only experts in UI design know best. There are visual stimuli and user impact that come into play in the technical layout of the website or mobile application. These things need to be studied and UI experts have the top answers.

This is why hiring a design firm that specializes on UI and UX is very important. This is actually investing on something sustainable. It is more than just a marketing strategy because a website and a mobile application are actually integrated into the business.

Do you need UX and UI designers in your payroll?

If your product and services are not related to technology, then you don’t actually need a UX and UI designer as regular employees. They would be unnecessary expenses. Good thing there are a lot of design firms out there offering top UI UX design services.

However, if you are in the tech business, then having a UX and UI designer would be advantageous. But then again, since you are a start-up, it might not be very practical to hire both. In this case, the UX designer should be prioritized. But that doesn’t mean that the business should not bother with user interface. It is just that according to studies, the user experience design takes up 90% of the application task. It would make sense that you have on regular payroll a person that does majority of the work.

The UI designer, on the other hand, could be hired on a project basis through a UI design agency. Since the user experience is like the main framework of the design, the work is basically laid out for the user interface designer. They only need to connect the dots, make the service design beautiful and apply their knowledge of visual stimulation in the typography and formatting of the design.

If the UX and UI designer come from different offices, the most important thing there is communication. The user experience and user interface should be connected and should make sense. But for a more practical experience, there are various digital product agencies like Ramotion that make the best website and mobile application design that would fit your business.

Start-ups will always have difficulty prioritizing expenses especially when there is uncertainty over the business. But in this information age, it is necessary to invest in technology and digital services.

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