Sleep Apnea Clinic in Singapore: Some General Facts to Reckon With

Many successful personalities around the globe admit to sleeping less, for just about 3 to 4 hours a day. One of the leading journals addresses them as “sleepless elite” as the total number of people who belong to this category is only 1 to 3% somewhere. However, sleep experts in Singapore don’t believe this completely.  According to a renowned doctor in this field, an individual needs to go through the different stages of sleep to feel energized the following day. Three to four hours is a short span for these stages to unfold.

What is the typical age group suffering from sleep apnea most?

In Singapore, a large number of people feel sleep-deprived. Research also shows that people of different age groups sleep quite less in the country compared to their peers in foreign parts. And this problem mainly exists with 30 to 50 years old. The reason behind this can be their stressful lifestyle, such as returning late from work, waking up early in the morning to get their children ready for school, etc.

Why are people facing sleep disorders?

It is a common belief that sleep is necessary for physical healing, whereas it is a physiological need. It is, in truth, an active process when metabolic rates remain higher in the brain as against when you are awake. The sleep specialists uphold the view that dreaming is good during sleep – the more you dream, the better are the chances of you feeling fresh the coming day. Sleep travels through different stages systematically before entering into the state of dream. The dreaming part occurs mostly towards the end of the night. That’s why who catch up only about four hours of sleep, going to bed late at night and getting up early, don’t reach the level of dream sleep, and hence, suffer.

Who is more at the risk of sleep apnea?

This condition is typically common in overweight males. However, women and kids also face this issue. According to studies, this ailment afflicts nearly 70% of adults and 30% children. Some doctors think that weight, however, is not the only factor as even slim people complain of the same issue. The other reasons, for example, can be blocked nose behind someone’s poor sleep quality.

What is the contribution of mobile devices in poor sleep?

According to sleep experts, the blue light from smartphones and iPads create a negative impact on the quality of sleep. They suggest you should leave your mobile device at least two hours before going to bed, and spend some time in warm light. Reading a newspaper or book is advisable. However, doing any stimulating activity before bedtime can intervene in sleep. So staying away from computer games, horror films, etc., is essential.

The problem of sleep apnea is increasing with every passing year by 30%. The growing number of cases is attributable to a higher level of awareness among people that they gain through the internet about their health issues and hence, look for treatment. If you also feel any such problem, don’t hesitate to visit a reputable Singapore sleep apnea clinic for help. New and advanced medical procedures can redeem you from your health woes.

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