INTERVIEW: Sol Galeano

Hi Sol, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thank you for having me! I’ve been good, keeping busy. In a really beautiful creative space and making music daily.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “What’s True To Me Today Probably Won’t Be True To Me Tomorrow Anyway”?

This record is special to me because for once, I had complete creative control over my work. 

It feels good knowing that I have created something that is completely mine, from the production to the filming.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Not really, it was more of an in-the-moment writing session.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

It was very difficult at first to come up with imagery that would expand the story without it being cliché. On top of that, I did not have the best equipment to get the scenes looking the way I wanted them to. I shot this video on my iPhone. I learned a few editing tricks that would enhance the final cut. This experience taught me that I don’t need high gear stuff to make something beautiful. I think that’s why I hold this project near to my heart, because I really wanted to have visual content that truly represented where I’m at with my craft and I did it with little to no money, just pure creativity and pushing myself to make it happen. Once I got the visual story going, everything else kind of just fell into place. I started capturing random scenes and then somehow making them work. I went through old footage of my travels here. The mountain shot in Guatemala, the scene where the sun is reflecting off the water. I had an old lens lying around that ended up making the scene with my silvers pop out even more. I taped my phone to the ceiling light to get that angle in the beginning.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording process was fairly quick. I was tired and emotional after a previous session, and I just wanted to switch up the mood. It started off with me just wanting to be silent and make a beat, and I ended up rapping within the first few minutes over the guitar loop. I basically free-styled and honed in on whatever energy I was in. It being 3-4am in the morning and the fact your mind is most open during those hours probably helped me get in a more natural flow.

What role does New Orleans play in your music?

New Orleans on its own is a very magical place. There’s a lot of energy there that influenced me. Everything from cadence, to the certain bounce in our words. Three instruments I think of when I think of New Orleans: Trumpets, Djembe and Congo — whether it be through tone or the actual instrument, I think of the sounds and textures these instruments make, and in turn, that energy alone manages to find it’s way into my music.

My playfulness when I rap sometimes — as a culture we’re resilient people and we tend to really make light out of darkness. Sometimes I think the hustle that New Orleans carries plays more influence on my music than the music culture itself. People love to take and take and take from this city, and I find that as a culture, there’s this energy of always having something to prove because of it. We’re always trying to innovate. And I find that to be true within my own self as well, having to work twice as hard because I have more to prove being a latin-queer-woman who has a certain way of approaching music, I find myself having to show up properly every time I perform or share something. There’s a deep appreciation I have for representing for my folks that gives me this ambition I think. I remember one of the main reasons I started rapping outside of the absolute need to express my thoughts was noticing the lack of latin mc’s that weren’t from new york. Not knowing any latin mc’s from the city and especially not knowing any Honduran ones. I wanted to put on for my people. And I think that drive is in all of us. We all have something different to prove and a reason to innovate.

How has your Latin roots influenced your writing as a whole?

My pops played a lot of older Latin music when I was growing up. In general, things sound more poetic in Spanish, so translating it is interesting because things don’t necessarily come out the same. So definitely it has impacted the way I speak, the way I write. I find when I sing it sounds old and soulful and I think that’s the music my pops listened to having an influence on me. Again with cadence, I tend to find rhythm in words that don’t usually rhyme, and most definitely my roots have a major role to play in that.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

The single itself was a stand-alone project, but it definitely put me in a creative zone that I haven’t stepped out of since. So yes, I’ve definitely been creating so much more music. I was supposed to release another single this month, but because of this creative zone I’ve been in, I wrote the majority of the songs within the past week or so and decided to make it a full EP entitled ‘FADING’. 

I also have another EP in the works entitled ‘’ which is 7 different versions produced by 7 different producers of a song I have out called “” . There is a pop, acoustic, trap, electronic, etc. I gave the producers full creativity with my vocal stems and they’ve been doing a beautiful job at creating something unique with it.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

I plan on dropping my new EP ‘FADING’ late this month or early early August.

How do both of these two EPs serve as a sneak peek into your upcoming album?

Well, I think I’ve finally found my pocket as far as being someone who loves to rap and write poetry. My songwriting is getting better, and I think these songs and concepts are a glimpse into what I will present in my album. Especially because of how natural it’s been coming together — I don’t overthink when I create anymore.

Any plans to hit the road?

Not yet, really nervous about that actually. But I also would really love to experience what it’s like to tour. But all in due time. I’m not pressed but I do plan on performing more though.

What else is happening next in SOL’s world?

I’m currently traveling, planning on visiting London and hopefully moving there for a few months. Other than that, I’m big chilln, working on myself and learning new skills that in turn keeps my creative mind sharp and ends up inspiring better music and art in general. 

Watch here: “What’s True To Me…”

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