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Glam Your Home Up With Artistic Prints Using Printerior

We all are very well familiar with interior designing and have even decked up our house in so many ways using creative ideas. But, with time, things that we did at our home either become out of fashion or have started fading or losing its charm, for which, everything needs to be redesigned. Well, thanks to digitalization now you can beautify the interiors of your home using prints of your choice. Confused? Here’s how?

Printerior or printed interior, is the hottest trend that refers to everything in the context of interior decor from custom wall art, murals, wallcoverings, personalized and digitally printed textiles that includes pillowcases, curtains, shades, etc. to printing on woods, ceramics, metal, and glass using the latest technologies available.

Designers and print professionals are beginning to unearth new opportunities in the printing business, which is giving way to a whole new era of digitally driven production. This kind of print revolution is nothing but making the print industry more creative, experimental, and economical with the work. How? Let’s understand.

What exactly is the Printerior trend? 

The trend of printerior began back in 2015 in Europe. A new range of application was introduced by the leading substrate manufacturers and digital printers together into the interior designing that amazed everyone with the number of possibilities it tapped open. From residential to commercial, the concept of printerior soon began to spread, capturing everyone with its ability to transform the interior or the exterior decor of anything into something jaw-dropping.

It is a unique way of displaying images of you, your family, friends, pets, or any memorable moments, self-designs, famous faces or prints, patterns, texts, anything on any printable surface of your home like the cushions, furniture upholstery, carpets, table covers, drapes and so on. Leveraging the latest technology like 3D printing, textile printing, and printing onto 3D objects, among others, printeriors is now a new way of getting a home or office designed in one’s own way.

How Can Printerior Modernize Your Home? How can it benefit you?

Home decor is a very emotional process. Anyone would want it to be perfect. Some even go to the extent of searching madly to get that perfect shade of color for their drapes. With printerior technology, you can stay rest assured as you can personalize it as you want.

Be it the color, design, pattern, or style; you can add a touch of personalization to your home quickly now. Forget hammering nails to hang your photo frames; you can now cover your wall with a digitally printed family portrait which will stay longer and brighter. It will not only prevent your wall from damaging but will also beautify it more than the hanging decors.

W2P technology is long-lasting and cost-effective. Those wallpapers you stick to make your walls look pretty wears off in no time. Or the dye of the fabrics starts fading away with regular wash and you have to keep purchasing new things every couple of months.  While digital printing once done on your walls, textiles, or any other surfaces stay put. They are a one-time investment that will remain for a very long time without discolouring or tarnishing away.

The best thing about decorating your home with Printerior technology is that it is safe for you and the environment. There are no mess, smells, dust, or leftovers of the artwork that can-do harm to your health or the environment, unlike the harsh chemicals used in paints to do the same. The inks and colors used in the digital textile printing technology are environment-friendly, free from the pungent odor, and are highly durable.

They are great time savers. How? Suppose you have to do the same artwork on all the walls of your office. Will you prefer it to be done one by one for months or get it done in bulk at one time? With web-to-print technology, the Printerior of your home can be achieved automatically within a short period of time.

There are chances of errors in manual artwork. The time consumed, and the probability of mistakes to happen in it is more than W2P technology. A color choice may go wrong, or a pattern might not turn to be exactly as you have planned, and the cost and time in making the errors right may put a hole in your pocket while doing it manually. While with the web-to-print application, you can review it before the final call, so the chances of errors are almost null in it.


The Printerior technology has given wings to the designers and print professionals to let their creative juices flow and deliver something long-lasting and remarkable to their customers. It has even opened the doors to the customers to get involved and allow them to personalize things as they want in their home. So, forget the same pale-colored walls, or the standard prints on curtains and give your home a fresh new look with the digital prints of printerior.

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