Dogs in Music: 5 Legendary Songs Written About Dogs

Unless you have a dog or have ever had a dog in the past, it would be difficult, if not impossible for you to gauge the kind of bond which dogs can share with their human families. We all love our dogs, but these legends used their talents to immortalize their love for their canine friends, with the following songs.

Martha My Dear – The Beatles

If you are even remotely interested in the legendary band, then you have probably already heard The White Album. It has a song called Martha My Dear, which isn’t about Paul McCartney’s love interest like most of us presumed, but he actually wrote the song about his canine friend, aka, Martha.

Seamus – Pink Floyd

Now, in case you have never heard about Meddle, the iconic, 1971 album by Pink Floyd, you are probably from a different generation altogether, but even then, it’s quite unlikely!

Seamus, as we can imagine in the context of the article, is indeed a dog, but he wasn’t one of David Gilmour’s pets. Seamus belonged to Steve Marriott, but it was David Gilmour who became fascinated enough with the pooch to not just compose a song about him but put in his barks in the final blues song as well! The fact that the song wasn’t received that well is a different topic altogether.

Bron Yr-Aur Stomp – Led Zeppelin

If you hear Bron Yr-Aur Stomp even once, it should not be too hard to determine that this is a piece of musical work that has canine friendship between Strider and Robert plant sung all over it!

Bron Yr-Aur Stomp was part of Led Zeppelin III, released in 1920 and yes, Strider is indeed the good dog’s name, as well as being a LOTR reference.

Old King – Neil Young

The country song was dedicated to Elvis after the pet passed away sadly and left a big hole in Young’s heart.

It is to be understood that Neil Young actually traveled the entire globe with his dog Elvis by his side. When you do world tours together with an animal as affectionate as a dog, an immortal friendship is inevitable.

Laika – Nacho Cano

The last entry on this list is the saddest one of them all, as well as a reminder of the cruel fate which the only dog to ever visit space suffered. Nacho Cano’s composition is definitely worth hearing at least once if you have not already heard it. Here’s to hoping that such a thing never happens again.

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