Why Cats Eat Grass: Here’s what you need to know

Are cats carnivorous animals? No. Why then do they then eat grass? Strange, right? Well, it’s true that cats do eat grass. Both indoor and outdoor cats eat grass—and they nibble these green plant on several occasions. Well, you might consider it strange, but grass easting is biologically normal. Plus, grass doesn’t harm cats. According to experts, grass munching comes with a lot of benefits to your cat.

Carnivorous Rex

Ever seen your cat regurgitate while eating grass? Well, that might be due to the fact that cats don’t have enzymes that are necessary when it comes to breaking down vegetable matter. Also, you might have seen your cat throw-up, right? Science is on the view that the up-chucking act helps eliminate indigestible matter from its digestive tract. This makes cats feel better.

The Juice

Just like the milk from the mother, grass contains juices that are rich in folic acid. Essential for the body functioning of the cat, the essential vitamins aids it produces hemoglobin—which is essential when it comes to moving if oxygen in the blood.

Nature’s Laxative

According to Fuzzy Rescue, the grass is a powerful laxative agent—which help counter any case of indigestion. That explains why the grass is important to a cat. Therefore, cats know that grass will help clean its system. So, if you see your cat taking grass, know that doing it aids digestion. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, all cats tend to take grass for digestion-related purposes.

Pro tip

Purchase a tray of grass. Alternatively, consider having an herbal garden in your home. With this strategy, your cat will have an option to outdoor grass—which is normally considered unhygienic. Remember, outdoor grass can contain pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals—that can be dangerous to your cat. You could also find can cats eat mustard or any other seeds.


Cats are naturally anxious. They are always anticipating for something. Therefore, they kill the anxiety by eating grass. Normally known as stress eating—this exercise gives cats an opportunity to relax and satisfy their oral fixation. So, if your cat is more stressed, it will eat more grass. Therefore, if you notice more stress grass eating, know that your cat is not well. There is something wrong somewhere. 

It’s also important to note that some cats may exhibit signs of over-grooming and excessive vocalization through anxiety. And they can only try to relax by eating more grass. During these times, your cat may withdraw from your presence and show excessive signs of aggression.

The Bottom-Line

Cats are not herbivorous animals. Yet they eat grass. Confusing, right? Well, according to experts, the grass comes with an array of benefits for your fiddle. From digestion needs to cool anxieties—cats need the grass for its day to day living. The above are some of the reasons why your cat has been occasionally churning grass.  So, if you see your cat eating grass, know it’s normal. All cats eat grass for various purpose. Help your cat by developing an indoor garden.

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