INTERVIEW: Ignacio Peña

Ignacio Peña creates thought provoking modern rock music and owns the stage with songs like, SHE’S BLEEDING and ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.  We wanted to learn more about the man behind the music. 

Ignacio, thank you for your time. Please share with our readers your upcoming tour plans.

We’re working on finishing all the material for the new album. The music is basically done but the videos and graphics have a bit more ways to go. We will be releasing new lyric videos for “She’s Bleeding” and an “Elephant in the Room” in the next weeks. The full album will be out in the Fall. After that Im hoping to tour the States with our audiovisual show and then Europe and Japan.

Your music seems to express a lot of hidden meanings.  Are there messages behind the musicianship?

Sure. Im very theme oriented.

Although it is much more popular to talk about how we are different, I am more interested in telling the stories that unite us. The Great Planet Earth Debate, my third album, was a conceptual show about the history of Science and Technology designed for schools. There is very little original material about science and technology for Spanish speaking youth. I think this is a problem.

My latest project… Songs for the Fall of an Empire is a multimedia project about the history of DEBT.

A sort of rock n roll opera about Economics.

This is another story of us as we all carry coin and debt either personally or nationally.

My next project will explore our addiction to emotionalized information(stories) as we are sociologically Homo Narrans. We are united by the informational formula of THE STORY.

Who are your musical Icons?

I’m partial to classic British rock.. mainly because I like melodies and that grayness. They’re great at that.

The Beatles gave me a sensibility for melodies.

Pink Floyd gave me a sense of the bigger story and multimedia concepts. 

Def Leppard influenced my approach to guitar layering in the studio.

Radiohead opened up doors that I had never walked through before thematically.

Oasis gave me the drone factor. They were the last great rock band to me.

Those are some of the bands that I can hear and see in what I do.

What inspired you to be a songwriter?

In 1984 I was 11. Bryan Adams had released Reckless. I was totally obsessed with “Run To You” and “Summer of 69”. I started reading interviews where he explained his relationship with Jim Vallance his co writer. He always stressed he was a songwriter first. I think I got my idea of what a songwriter is from them. They made me pick up a guitar and write songs when every one else around me wanted to shred.

If you could tour with any other artist (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Probably Bryan. His touring etiquette is probably one of the best and disciplined I have seen. He also has been first to play in many countries so he veers off the beaten path plenty. I could learn a thing or two from him on tour.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers about your new music?

Songs for the Fall of an Empire is a multimedia rock opera about the history of DEBT. Its a complete universe of material. Its a unique project thematically and musically.

You can check it out at


Ignacio Peña

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