How To Make Extra Cash To Support Your Musical Ambitions

Choosing a life as a musician is rarely easy. Unless you’ve lucked out and gone viral or have rich parents to foot the bill, you are probably going to struggle to support yourself. Finding paying gigs is difficult, and good luck actually making money off your recorded music. In addition, you’re bound to have parents, well-meaning friends, and society in general telling you to “get a real job”.

However, that should not mean that being a musician is unrealistic. Millions have succeeded, after all, and with all the options we have today, millions more can be well on their way.

You don’t have to have instant success as a musician in order for your dreams to work out. Rather, make a living on the side by doing the following.

Invest your money

If you have a bit of money saved up, it might be a great idea to try investing it. With technology having changed the industry, you can use the best online brokerage to make money without putting your musical ambitions aside. You no longer need to be an expert or have any experience to make good money.

The reason is that artificial intelligence has led to the creation of the “robo-advisor”. This is software that uses all the endless data available, along with complex algorithms, to recommend the best possible investment decisions. You can start making a living off it immediately.

The caveat is that you need some capital to start with. Never invest with money you need to make it through the month. At the very least, the stress you cause yourself will lead to some bad decisions.


Every artist wants to create only what they deem authentic. This is true whether you are a musician, writer, painter, etc. However, using your skills in a professional setting can be the scaffolding for your music career. And with the freelance economy booming, there’s never been a better time to market your abilities.

Using a site like Upwork, you can find clients looking for jingles for their startup videos, individuals who want songs written for their partners, and much more. Alternatively, you can use an app like Fiverr to market yourself, offering a product of your own creation.

This probably won’t be the most satisfying work. But you might be surprised, and it will certainly give you the immediate income you need anyway.

Freelancing is always going to be more satisfying and lucrative than working a part-time job which requires no experience. You have something that people want – it might not be what you dreamed of, but it will help get you there.

Alternatively, you can use your knowledge of music to make money. Music sites and startups are always on the lookout for freelance writers. If you can write at a reasonably good level, your insight can make you hot property. If you have contacts in the music industry, you can leverage those for better paying jobs.

You may have to start by earning a little over minimum wage, but I know freelancers who make more than $100 per hour despite not having a college degree. It can be a truly satisfying way to support your ambitions.

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