Best Influencer Marketing Platform in 2019

For a long time, the native business technique was dependent on the products to penetrate the market to consumers in the sake of the brand. However, ancient marketing seems to be no more effective, the new marketing tactic taking the market by storm is the use of influencers to connect brands with their target audiences. The new tactic is referred to as influencer marketing. Even though the shift to influencer marketing seems to be the actual deal, there is also the challenge to reach to the audience more effectively because multiple brands are targeting the same audience. This implies that to squeeze your way through the market requires a lot of hard work to strategize, create, launch, monitor, and optimize your campaigns. The all process is intense. Therefore, you can leverage influencer marketing platform to find the right influencers for your brand, monitor campaigns, and measure results.

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Platform in 2019 – InflueNex

According to the new marketing strategy, influencer marketing, has seen a substantial increase ininfluencer marketing platform in the market. This entire influencer marketing platform is driven with one chief goal which is to provide the right influencers for your business brand. That being the case, InfluNex is one of influencer marketing platform which has set the bar high enough to be the best in the influencer marketing space.

InflueNex was designed to provide the right influencer through the use of artificial intelligence which is reinforced with the powerful features in it. InflueNex has seen the huge number of users since it was launch majorly due to its flexibility and the noble services it offers. To understand more of this influencer marketing platform, we have elaborated below its features, how to use it and its benefits.

InflueNex Key Features

InfluNex has four key features namely Search, Analyze, Contact and Manage influencers.

  • Search-The search feature function is the essential feature on influencer marketing platform. It allows you to browse popular influencer categories found on YouTube with more than 200k influencer database. Furthermore, the search feature is rich in filter conditions enabling advertisers to land to influencer accurately and as well recommends related channel and video.

  • The analyze feature on InflueNex includes a multi-dimensional data analysis for objective evaluation of influencer helping the advertisers to understand the influencer fully.

  • Contact feature and Manage in this influencer marketing platform has a group function in common. Contact allows advertisers to send a message by just a group by making use of the group function as well as managing influencers in a group and bookmarking quality influencers for future re-cooperation.

How to Use InflueNex

To use InflueNex is quite simple and straight forward because you just provide command and within seconds you get complete results. This implies that you just enter the keywords on the Search dialogue box and you get a list of influencers you are looking for together with analyzed information. Check the steps below.

Step 1. Navigate on to the InflueNex official web page and sign in using your sign in credentials.

Step 2. Provide the keywords or YouTuber’s channel name to search on the Search dialogue box. After which you are optionally required to select the right option on the categories immediately below search dialogue box. Click on the Search button.

Step 3. The search process will automatically start, takes a few minutes, and display results on the screen. Click on the influencers’ icon to check the analytic stats for you to make an insightful decision.

Step 4. Once you decide that that is the influencer you were looking for click on Send Invite.

Step 5. Click on Your User icon and select Users and Roles from the pop-up Window. A new window will open up where you’ll communicate and manage your influencer group accordingly.

Benefits of Using InflueNex

As can be predicted, influencer marketing platformsespecially InflueNexcomes with better to your brand and organization in general. The following are the major palpable merits of using InflueNex.

  1. Cost-effective and Saves Time – employing InflueNex will lead to a considerable reduction in the workload carried out by the marketing team hence scaling down the team accordingly. Contact and Manage feature enables you to reach to your influencers quickly.

  1. Easily Re-Hire Influencers–InflueNex enables you to maintain and retain you brand influencers since you can re-hire them within a click.

  2. Track and Manage your campaigns– InflueNexis built with tracking feature that allows you to easily keep track of your influencers and marketing campaign. Also, you will be able to say within the budget.

  1. Get to Right Audience and Demographic outreach – Influencer you find on YouTube via InflueNex are versatile taking the campaign reach to the target group via their other popular social media handles.


Influencer marketing is the new deal in the market and requires the right influencer marketing platform; InflueNex which enables you to source for the match between your brand and Influencer.

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