BOOK REVIEW: Risk: Living on the Edge by Michael E. Tennenbaum

Risk taker, Michael E. Tennenbaum, and NY Times bestselling co-author, Donna Beech, put some serious magic into the book of all books to set the record straight and teach people about the countless variables of risk management. RISK: Living On The Edge, pulls out all the stops to entertain and educate in one fell swoop. He is a recipient of the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award. He also founded the Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network. He is founder of the Tennenbaum Interdisciplinary Center at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA, and the Tennenbaum Institute in Georgia, as well as the many other credits to his name.

The impeccable credit going to both authors is a great foundation for any good book on any subject matter, so there is nothing but high honors going to them, which in turn made for a fantastic read. The amount of knowledge contained in this book would impress anyone, but it’s also cleverly written to take the reader on a journey through the ups and downs of safety management, financial understanding and the whole risk mindset. It takes you inside the industrial doors of risk driven business in a world seemingly full of extreme sports that thrive on adrenaline rushes, as well as military operations, etc.


There are many industry cross purposes to be aware of, and RISK contains a whole sea of knowledge to soak up in every department of the industry of risk management and risk taking itself, with sharp examples of what and what not to do when approaching the field as well as how to stay in it and maintain it. Tennenbaum goes behind the scenes at Bear Stearns, disclosing the great American success story in the most enlightening way. He subsequently gives insight to what happened when he left Bear Sterns and reveals inner workings of his own companies.

The stories and back stories are immeasurable accounts from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and there’s no beating that sense of value in this generous amount of well described insight. It’s all centered from being able to operate his own way and tell it how it is from that perspective, which not everyone has the-opportunity to do. This book takes its own risks to educate and enthrall at the same time and passes with flying colors, never losing a spark of fascination, but rather fanning the positive flames behind every risk taken.


To put it all into proper perspective one must first take an interest and read RISK: Living On The Edge, but even as an outsider looking in there is an invaluable amount of information put into the right flow of context that anyone comes away satisfied. You get the author’s words of wisdom from actually-having done every particle aspect on the subject he teaches about, as expected. But there’s also plenty for the non-studying reader as well, as Tennenbaum and Beech uncover all there is to know about risk in this remarkable work of true stories and business information in one great package.

by Jodi Marxbury

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