Do You Know About Guest Posting? A ROI Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Guest Posting is one of the top rated digital marketing strategies in the world. From growing your website traffic, to building credibility and driving website revenues, guest posting helps achieve it all. Read on to know more.


Guest Posting is the process of creating content to be published on other publisher sites. It also involves reaching out to relevant sites in your industry niche. This content when placed on other sites helps direct traffic from the host website to your website through backlinks.

According to Google, quality guest posting is still a top ‘White Hat’ digital marketing strategy.

In other words, if you are pursuing guest posting with the right intentions, it falls within Google’s Quality Guidelines.

One of the most crucial criteria for guest posting is ‘content’.

If you have heard the saying ‘content is king’, it has nowhere been truer than in relation to guest posting.

The only factor, which creates a difference between guest posting as a spamming black hat strategy and guest posting as a top white hat strategy is the quality of content.

I understand that a lot of guest posting activity is done with the intention of link building.

I am also aware of money exchange as being a necessary model of working.

However, if you always want to avoid Google breathing down your neck, pay importance to quality.

In order to understand Guest Posting, we need to begin with certain questions-

  • Are you looking to increase website traffic for your brand website?

  • Is your aim securing high quality backlinks from industry authority sites?

  • Have you considered lead gen and sales conversion strategies for revenue generation?

  • Do you want to spread awareness about your brand through a brand building exercise?

  • Are you looking to network with some of the most authoritative voices in your industry?

If you are asking yourself any of the above questions, then you should consider Guest Posting Service for your business.

Benefits of Guest Posting as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Guest Posting is highly beneficial for both business brands as well as individual bloggers.

Let us now look at some of the biggest benefits of Guest Posting.

  • Guest Posting helps in aggressively increasing your website traffic. You will get access to the website traffic of the publisher.

  • Guest Blogging (it is the same as guest posting) helps secure quality backlinks for your website. (Google counts backlinks as one of the top 3 ranking factors).

  • The strategy improves SEO metrics and health. Domain Authority, Domain Ranking, Page Rank and other metrics start improving.

  • It is a very credible digital strategy for helping you climb Google’s Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs).

  • If done right, guest posting can also be used for a strategic lead generation campaign. This will help generate revenues for your business on a campaign-to-campaign basis.

Apart from these major benefits, guest posting can help build your brand and spread awareness.

Most digital marketing experts swear by guest posting and term it as the most complete 360-degree digital marketing strategy ever!

How to Execute a Perfect Guest Posting Strategy for your brand

Many experts will state that making the right approach is important. They will also ask you to stalk bloggers and authoritative voices in the industry on social media. They will even ask you to comment on all their posts and make yourself ‘visible’ to these celebrities.

I am not saying that these strategies do not work. They might work. However, it can be a long drawn process. If you are looking to execute guest posting immediately, you need to think out-of-the-box.

In my experience, I have found two strategies that are effective for getting attention. These strategies are very hard to turn down as well. Let us look at them-

  • Creating a Review Post by forming an Expert Panel-

No matter what industry you are blogging about, you will always have at least 50 industry voices. The idea is simple- think of an innovative topic and ask these 50 leaders to comment on the same.

While creating the email, tell them that you want to feature them on your 3000+ word content piece. Publish it when they agree and do not forget to add their links (website + social). After you have published it, send them an email thanking them and the URL of the article.

9 out of 10 experts will share it on their social media pages. You can then share the same on your social media pages and tag them. There is no better way to strike a quick and meaningful relationship with authority publishers than creating a review post.

  • Create ‘The Best Publisher List’ type content-

How often have you come across an article with the title- ‘The 10 Best Travel Blogs’ or ‘The Top Ten Digital Marketing Agencies’? Have you ever thought why people would create such content?

This is because they want to give exposure to authority blogs and sites and secure something in the process. On most cases, this something can be a backlink. It can also be a guest post or a social sharing request.

Whatever it is, creating a top ten list and reaching out to publishers is the best way to get their attention. Before asking someone else for a favour, do him or her a favour. This way, it would get difficult for them to refuse your request.


The digital marketing ecosystem is not as simple as it used to be some three four years back. There are new processes, approaches, tricks and tips to succeed.

What was once a best practice might be a ‘Black Hat Strategy’ today. The industry is constantly evolving and changing. Staying ahead of the competition and opting for innovative strategies is the key to succeeding in a highly competitive domain.

Celebrity digital marketer Jeff Bullas swears by guest posting. He states that if you are getting less than 250 website visitors a day, it is always better to create content for someone else than yourself. He might be sounding harsh, but he is speaking the truth.

Guest posting helps you build your brand in multiple ways. If you are looking to make your brand perform digitally in a short period, then guest posting should be the digital marketing strategy of your choice.

At last count, there were over 1.94 billion websites in the world! Are you doing anything to make yours stand out?

Please do let us know what you thought about the article in the comments section below. Reader feedback is much loved and always appreciated.

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