Top 10 Underrated Movies to Watch in 2019

You probably don’t need to know about the release of famous movies or sequels of those because you have those release dates engraved in your brain.

Once those movies are released, the hype around them dies down. Maybe because of unmet expectations of fans or they just phase out. While you wait for another release of a well-known movie, there are great movies that you can be watching as you patiently await the release of that movie, probably those you couldn’t even download with a service like Keepvid.

Most movie watchers usually miss out on great movies because they are underrated and as a result think that it’s not worth watching. However, you may spend a lot of money to get that one underrated movie that doesn’t deserve being underrated.

So, if you have had enough of Toy Story Spider-Man sequels, here’s a recap of some top underrated movies in this. Don’t miss out these amazing ten underrated movies you can watch in 2019.

Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel is the anime movie co-written by the same person who wrote ‘Avatar,’ James Cameron. This movie was delayed for a long while, but when it was finally released, some found it hard to get used to the robot’s giant eyes.

The movie is based around the story of a robot that was found without a body, but Dr. Ido acted out by Christoph Waltz rebuilds her. The movie has a lot going on when you watch it, but the effects and storyline are very great and keep you hooked throughout. The studio is quite buoyed by the response it has garnered from film critics and the worldwide box office collection. The sequels are certainly on the cards.

Fast Color

Fast Color was released a week before the release date of the Avengers: Endgame. Because the hype around the Avengers was high, Fast Color didn’t get the publicity it deserved. The movie (which you can catch at tamilrockers) is focused on the story of Ruth, acted out by Mbatha-Raw. She plays a fugitive who the scientists want to capture because of her powers.

She has the power to cause seismic events when she has seizures. When she gets home, another similar woman awaits her, including her mother and daughter. Some may find it similar to ‘The Darkest Minds,’ but this overlooked movie is worth the watch.

Fighting with my family

Fighting with my family is one of those WWE fighting classics that has a distracting cameo of the producer, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Despite this, Florence Pugh, who plays Paige in the movie, covers that mistake with her great talent.

With some great WWE action and some comedy here and there, this movie is the perfect choice for you. It is based around the story of Paige, a WWE superstar, and the kooky Knights that wrestle to stay out of trouble by avoiding addiction and crime.

Sarah Wood, co-writer with Edugeeksclub dissertation help, has reviewed this movie for some top movie sites. In her words, ‘’I loved this movie in-and-out.’ It’s a pleasant break from the sci-fi’s and superhero movies that have been talk of the town for almost a year now. A funny family oozing with confidence to make it big in WWE, people’s fav Dwayne in a cameo, the cool British flavor it has, more than made up for the small budget. It doesn’t get better.’’


Greta’s main character is acted out by Isabelle Huppert, a seasoned French actor that is just purely amazing to watch. She first appears to be an elderly matron who loses her handbags often when she is actually a maniac that sets traps for unsuspecting young women.

However, Frances then finds out the real intentions and crafty stalking habits of Greta. When Greta gets aggravated and starts to rage, she is a great scene to watch.

Her Smell

Her Smell is somewhat of a musical movie and the songs used as soundtracks in the movie are great and perfectly fit with the storyline. The story is based around Becky, who is acted out by Elisabeth Moss, who is the poster girl for a riot grrrl trio. The movie begins with Becky at the peak of her addiction and often has an awful lot to say backstage.

The movie portrays her changing for the worst and then quickly reforms. The movie shows you the turmoil and storm raging inside Becky’s head and then shows her beautiful reformation.

High flying bird

High Flying bird is a Netflix movie and because of that, it’s hard to tell how underrated it is. However, it is still safe to say that the movie didn’t have much of a fan base than the other movie titled “Bird.” This movie filmed using an iPhone tells the story of labor and race in the professional basketball industry.

Specifically, it is focused on the story of a basketball agent named Ray, who is played out by Andre Holland. This is one of the best movies in 2019 and is only currently available to stream on Netflix.

The last black man in San Francisco

The movie with the stars Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors and Danny Glover is a movie with a deep message that is sent out through the screenplay. The storyline is based around Jimmie Fails who also uses his real name as his screen name in this movie.

The movie shows his obsession to restore a house he claims was owned by his family but now is owned by white gentrifies. He restores the house every day and tells the story of the connection Jimmie has to the area he grew in. “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” is out at all major theaters.

Little woods

Little Woods is a sentimental film that reaches the hearts of its viewers through amazing storytelling. The story tells about the difficulty to get healthcare in the U.S because of its expensive price tag. The story is told through two sisters Ollie and Deb acted out as Tessa Thompson and Lily James.

Ollie was caught smuggling drugs from Canada to meet the expenses of her mother’s healthcare and was incarcerated but soon due for parole. While on the other hand her sister, Deb has a son and is currently pregnant. To give birth, she will have to spend a lot of money, which she doesn’t have. It is also hard for her to abort the child as she is in North Dakota.

Plus one

The movie is quite different than all the others mentioned here as it is a romantic comedy. In this movie, Maya Erskine playing the role of Alice, and Jack Quaid who plays Ben, a guy who fears commitment, portrays a different angle in romantic comedies.

As they are both nearing their 30s, they have surely received a handsome amount of questions about their significant others. So, the couple agrees on being each other’s plus-ones in all events. The “wise man” effect came out to play when this couple got attached to each other.

The souvenir

The movie starts off as a beautiful movie that is romanticized but as it continues, you get to see what the movie is actually about. This movie has a painful storyline of an aspiring filmmaker, Julie acted by Swinton Byrne, who falls in love with Anthony, acted by Tom Burke. Anthony is very toxic to Julie and her heart, but she doesn’t realize until it’s too late.

To sum up

This is the list of the best-underrated films of all time and that isn’t justified for being underrated. You can now easily sift through the best movies against the ones that aren’t that great in the underrated list. Be sure to watch the favorite movies you found in this list and leave a positive review. Get out your popcorn and sit back and enjoy the screenplay on these movies.

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