The Effects of Social Media on Our Health

We are in a world where digital media has taken over our lifestyle choices, our daily routine, and our dietary habits. Social media plays a huge role in influencing our lives, sub-consciously, tends to affect our decisions about what we eat, when we exercise and what we do in our free time. This is positively used to be upbeat with the latest trends and figure out how these trends can influence positively to those seeking answers to various health issues.

The Haves and the Have-Nots:

In this digital age, Social media brings a picture of the world around us. It is a mirror of the lives of others who “seem to have it all”. This sometimes can be frustrating, since one may not have everything today, and posts from fellow mates traveling abroad and having a great time, can seriously affect the mental health of others. Psychiatrists term this as the inferiority complex. This condition makes you feel deprived of other’s significant achievements, and you mask your present with stories.

Masking, hiding and portraying a fake lifestyle has been a common phenomenon among social media influencers. There is a constant pressure to portray the best lifestyles, and the exotic holidays, which one may not be financially eligible to live, thus resulting in debts and ultimately drives one to mental stress and trauma.

From the Self-Proclaimed to the Self-Portrayed Narcissist:

Our world history has given us eminent leaders, and some ruthless dictators. They were the biggest influencers of all times. History gives the evidence of certain leaders whose eloquent speeches have coerced the mind of young soldiers that they were ready to die for the country. Psychology terms the individual who claims to influence others as a self-proclaimed narcissist, from the narcissi and fascist leaders who brought us to the brink of two great world wars. But the latest influencers are nowhere even close to them, instead, they are “self-portrayed Narcissist”.

Obsession with appearance, fake lifestyle, just adds to the portrayal of a seemingly beautiful life for the media. What one doesn’t realize, that this self-portrayal leads to tremendous mental trauma, and stress over the years. It has also been observed that obsession with digital media leads to a lack of physical activity, thus leading to obesity which may give rise to other serious health conditions which may need you to get heart treatments, varicose vein treatment, overstressed knee treatments, etc.

Social media is a very vicious place. You can be famous in a second and then become a nobody in seconds. This volatility brings a challenge to the new-age clinical psychologists, who help people overcome social media stigmas day in and day out. Rehabilitation centers have transformed into healing digital media addicts.

Your mental well-being is in your hands. The fast and explosive growth of digital content on social media never gave us the time to take a step back and realize the maze of various psychological disorders it might lead you.

The Conclusion- How You Adopt it in Your Life, Matters the Most:

It has been historically seen that giving up habits and addictions require a well-trained mind. Social media brings in a lot of positives and a whole lot of negatives. It’s how you perceive it, and your interests, along with your children, that matters the most. Adopt the best what the world is doing and see how it changes you from within.

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