Making cold brew coffee – Essential factors to consider

Coffee is for everyone! It is the best beverage when you have to brainstorm, relax, or even catch up with your friends after college or office. Making regular coffee is indeed a child’s play. You need to choose your favorite coffee brand, get some water, sugar, milk, or no milk. However, making cold brew coffee seems easy, but in reality, requires careful execution.

Why should you opt-in for cold brew coffee?

The standard iced coffee is made using a hot-brewed dip, which is further cooled, poured in a container with ice. The cold brew gets made in room temperature water, right from the start. You can take more coffee grounds, pour water and steep it for close to 12 hours and sometimes, more. The outcome is an excellent cold brew coffee, which tastes sweet, is velvety smooth, rich in texture and zero acidity or bitterness.

Typically, cold brew coffee is stronger, because of the increased coffee grounds. Despite having a strong flavor, cold brew coffee is good to taste.  Add ice or syrup to cold brew coffee if you want to experiment.

Cold brew coffee is the best choice during summer months. The ice will not dilute the taste of the cold brew coffee. To know more about this, you can check out

The cold brew coffee making process

You will come across various cold brew coffee making processes. However, at the core, every process is similar. Start by opting in for the coffee beans ground and grind them as much as the burr grinder can process the beans. It’s useful to opt-in for breadcrumbs or sand texture, instead of a powder.

Opt-in for your container

It is possible to steep the cold brew coffee in a watertight vessel. You can use anything from plastic baskets, glass pitchers or mason jars. It is essential to choose a big brewing chamber that can contain both the water and a good percentage of coffee grounds. Make sure you use a compact container while brewing.

Straining the coffee grounds

One of the most challenging steps for making cold brew coffee is keeping the liquid and coffee grounds apart. One of the best ways for brewing is making of the French press in addition to a plunger. It will help to filter the coffee solids out. You can opt-in for a regular paper coffee filter as well, in addition to cheesecloth, metal mesh sieves, or a blend of all the three alternatives.

Enjoy your cold brew coffee

Usually, cold brew coffee includes more coffee beans than the standard coffee, the taste is stronger, and the impact is potent. Hence, you can go ahead and dilute the coffee mix if you want using chilled water. Else, you can also make use of milk, ice and enjoy your cold brew coffee.

However, the essential part of making the best cold brew coffee is to source the best cold brew coffee mix. Today, you have multiple online providers offering you the best deals and discounts. Make sure that you only choose the best service provider that is authentic and has favorable customer feedback and good-will. Research about the service provider and then make an informed decision.

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