INTERVIEW: Mike Coker of Story Book Road

Q:  Can you talk more about your song “Sister Sally”? 

I occasionally refer to my wife as Sister Sally.  I played in a band called the Backsliders at one point.  Fooling around with a riff on my guitar, the phrase, “Sister Sally, can you tell me, Am I a Backsliding Man” just came out. Then the creative process just took over.

Q:  Any plans to release a video for any of the tracks?

“Carmen Miranda” has a simple video along with “I Want to Kiss You Again” (not on the CD) both created by our drummer Bruce Randall.  They are on the Story Book Road webpage.

Q:  Please tell us what is behind the title of the CD?

My thought for naming the band was to let every song represent a story, like in a story book.  There was a Story Road I remember in a town where I once lived.  I just combined the two to create “Story Book Road”.

Q:  How was the recording and writing process?

I had the songs written well before the recording process began.  Those were all on me.  Now, we did have to work them all out together in “the Shack”, (my backyard studio), before we went to the studio to record.  About the time most of the recording was completed, we lost our original drummer, Steve Hunter.  He died in his sleep.  Things really slowed down for a while before final completion.

Q:  Does Houston play a big part in your music?

Only that it provides the venues where we play.  A few in the city, but mostly on the outskirts of Houston – Brazoria, Alvin, Texas City, etc.

Q:  What is it about the 90’s that you enjoy so much?

Country music opened up wonderfully in the 90’s.  There began a process of breaking away from so much of the traditional country sound – songs with more than 3 chords, and a lot more energy.

Q:  How do you go on blending and balancing your 90’s love with 70’s influences?

It’s nothing that happens consciously.  The influence of the 60’s and 70’s rock music was like being a part of a musical renaissance.  If you weren’t there experiencing it, you quite possibly wouldn’t understand what it was like.

Q:  What aspect of your own life did you get to explore on this record?

It’s the creativity.  You write something, you hear it in your head, you work with other players and see if you can make it sound like you think it should be.  Lots of times it turns out way better.

Q:  What is happening next in Story Book Road’s world?

Nothing on the books of any grandeur. Writing songs and working with old high school “band” friends to help solidify the thoughts.  Hustling and playing gigs.  Eventually, more recordings.  Hopefully reaching a place of having lots of choices to select from, and lots of “SBR” fans.

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