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5 Celebrity Makeup Secrets Worth Knowing

Our favorite celebrities have always been known for their flawless makeup looks that inspire many makeup artists to recreate them. If you want to do the same, trust us when we say that it isn’t impossible! Here are five bomb makeup secrets you should know about, so check them out and get down to business!

Eva Longoria: Concealer as an eye shadow primer

Eva Longoria, a Desperate Housewives star, shared a trick that always helps her eye makeup stay long, and it’s basically using concealer as an eye shadow primer. As simple as that! It’s good to know that your favorite concealer is a multi-purpose product that can be used for many other things, rather than just for covering the dark circles under the eyes. In fact, applying a thin coat of your concealer to your eyelids can help your eyeshadow stay in place much longer, as it will stick to the wet base and last all day long. Apart from being extremely versatile, a concealer will also save up some space in your makeup bag while traveling since you won’t have to bring an additional eye shadow primer. That’s called killing two birds with one stone!

Huda Kattan: An easy trick for a flawless face

Huda Kattan, a renowned makeup artist and the owner of Huda Beauty, one of the biggest makeup companies these days, swears by a beauty trick that gives your makeup a long-lasting, poreless, and creaseless finish. It’s called baking, and it requires only one makeup product – a finely milled setting powder. So, once your base products (foundation, concealer, and other cream products such as blush and contours) are all done, take a damp beauty sponge, pick up a thick layer of powder, and start packing it onto your face. Let the powder set (or ‘bake’) for up to 10 minutes, and then use a large fluffy brush to remove the excess. This is a crucial step that will make your face look matte enough yet luminous at the same time, so don’t skip it and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Meghan Markle: Natural, thick brows on point

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and one of the newest members of the British royal family, prides herself on her natural, luscious eyebrows which have quickly become her signature feature. Even though she gets her brows done in a famous beauty salon in Mayfair, we can freely say that taking proper care of your brows in the comfort of your own home can get you almost the same results. The first step is using a brow brush to brush them into their natural shape. Then brush them upwards, and trim the hairs that stick out or are too curly. As for the products you’re going to use, make sure to buy eyebrow makeup online and get a nice pencil or a brow powder to fill them in. Then add a touch of highlighter to your brow bone, use a gel to set the brows in the desired shape, and voila – your fabulous, royal brows are all done!

Margot Robbie: A secret to the perfect pout

Margot Robbie, who got famous thanks to her roles of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and Tonya Harding in I, Tonya, is very well known for her striking blue eyes and juicy lips, but do you know what’s her secret to the perfect pout? Well, Margot says that she never uses lip balm! That’s right, and it’s because she believes that they contain ingredients which can dry out your lips and force you to use them over and over again that way. She certainly has a point since some lip balms truly have such ingredients (menthol is the most common one). Instead of a lip balm, Margot loves to use a cream designed to repair the nipples of breastfeeding mothers. This product really heals the lips and hydrates them to the max, so give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Kim Kardashian: Impeccable, wrinkle-free undereye area

If Kim Kardashian is known for something (apart from her contoured face and hourglass figure), it’s her flawless, wrinkle-free undereye area. Yes, we know what you’re thinking – her secret probably lies in expensive skincare and her concealer kits, but guess what? You’re wrong! In fact, Kim’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, claims that she uses an affordable hemorrhoid cream under the eyes. Yeah, that’s the tea! Such a cream actually reduces the redness, restricts the blood vessels, and gets rid of puffiness thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. If you decide to try it out, just ensure not to use it every day is it can dry out your skin!

As you can tell, these five celebrity makeup secrets are definitely worth knowing, so make sure to take them into consideration the next time you’re getting ready for an important event. These will change your makeup routine for the better, so don’t wait any longer and give them a fair shot!

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