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The Origin of Butterscotch and Cake: How they got infused into your Favourite Butterscotch Cake

There is no exact definition or origin of the concept of cake. According to the food historians, the predecessor of modern cakes, round ones with icing, were first baked in Europe sometime in the mid-17th century with the help of advanced technology like more reliable ovens, manufacture, availability of food molds and ingredients. The first icing was usually a boiled composition of the finest available sugar, egg whites and also flavorings which was poured on the cake.

The term “Butterscotch” was first coined in Doncaster, a Yorkshire city in England, by Samuel Parkinson who began making candy in 1817. Butterscotch has long been used as a great topping on ice cream sundaes as well as a type of confectionary basically made with boiling sugar syrup, butter, cream, and lemon.

The Butterscotch Cake refers to a moist, brown sugar cake having a topping of butterscotch sauce which in turn is formed of butter, brown sugar and cream as well as buttercream made with thawed butterscotch chips.

Butterscotch neither comprises Caramel nor Scotch: Let’s know what it is:

There is a subtle difference between butterscotch and caramel which are the recipes of butterscotch. Its traditionally involve brown sugar and butter, whereas you can make caramel just by cooking white sugar until it caramelizes. Caramel has a more burnt flavour, but butterscotch is a bit sweeter in flavor because it doesn’t caramelize that much.

Surprisingly, Scotch isn’t a traditional addition to butterscotch, but it is certainly a flavor booster. Dark rum is also a great ingredient in this cake to achieve that desired depth of taste.

There are many fusion flavors of butterscotch cake adding some more ingredients like chocolates, walnuts, fresh fruits, etc. Let’s, have a glance:

1)   Butterscotch Choco Bubble Cake –

The base of the cake is made of pineapple or vanilla and filled with butterscotch crush and garnished with Butter Scotch Gel and Cream Bubbles.

2)   Butterscotch Delight Cake –

This cake is filled with a lot of Butterscotch Crush and Chips and topped with Chocolate, Butter Scotch chips, and jelly.

3)   Butterscotch Fresh Flower Cake –

This is also a vanilla flavored cake filled with butterscotch chips and jelly and decorated with a fresh white rose.

4)   Butterscotch with Pineapple Jelly –

Butterscotch Crush and Chips enriched cake based with vanilla flavor, topped with Pineapple Gel and fresh pineapple slices.

5)   Butterscotch Cream Cake –

This vanilla based cake is specially garnished with loads of butterscotch chips and buttercream.

6)   Simple Butterscotch Cake –

The base of the cake is made of pineapple or vanilla and filled with butterscotch crush and topped with Butterscotch Gel and Chips.

7)   Half and Half Special Cake –

One half of this cake is especially topped with a lot of butterscotch chips and the other half is garnished with fresh fruits, cherries, and berries.

8)   Butterscotch Gel and Flower Cake –

Vanilla based butterscotch filled cake decorated with creamy flowers and butterscotch gel/ sauce.

9)   3-Tier Special Wedding Cake –

This cake is three tiers of light and fluffy vanilla walnut cake with layers of buttercream icing and butterscotch sauce in between. Three tiers became the representation of various stages of married life. The top layer is made of white candy to represent sweet, young love; the second layer consists of pastry with a few bitter walnuts and flaky sea salt, and the last layer is made of normal vanilla flavor. The whole cake is covered with a classic buttercream made with butter, powdered sugar, and some cream or milk. Along with it, it’s got the addition of melted butterscotch chips, topped with extra butterscotch chips.

So, gift your loved ones with one of these rich, expensively tasted, crunchy chips enriched butterscotch cakes to make his/ her precious day a bit more special.

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