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Still G & Slapy’s hit single “Endless” comes out of nowhere

With a dynamic thrust and a lyrical presence that simply can’t be imitated, the chorus of Still G & Slapy’s hit single “Endless” comes out of nowhere and tackles us with its graceful grooves, powerful swagger and melodic sway. There’s no electronic filtration in this part of the track – it’s just two underground titans unleashing their soulful gifts without anything to come between the audience and their music. These rising stars scored a Top Ten hit on the Euro Indie Music Chart this season because of the simplicity of this rebellious new single, which is getting airplay in over sixty countries spanning both hemispheres this month.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZlxts7kv30V0La9uuw_jfg

THOMAS Music & Art’s Genialsong Group has been producing some of the hottest talent that the underground has seen in the late 2010s, but Still G & Slapy have got to be the best of the bunch that I’ve heard so far. Their talents are natural, their execution never feels forced, and best of all, they never try to be anyone else but themselves when they enter the studio. “Endless” doesn’t translate as some refashioned G-funk track from the late 90s; it’s got the cosmopolitan lines of the new school with a hefty bassline straight out of the experimental side of the genre.

This song has an undisputed international appeal to it, and I think that the biggest reason why is rooted in Still G & Slapy’s broad scope of influences. These guys aren’t playing to the strengths of European hip-hop alone in this single; contrarily, they’re peppering-in different styles and making all of the fragmented tones play out seamlessly, as if they were always meant to be merged together. As previously noted, “Endless” borders on the experimental in certain aspects of its construction, but it’s familiar enough (in essence) to attract fans from all over the globe.

I can absolutely see Still G & Slapy breaking into the mainstream with the kind of sound that they’re employing in this single. I do hope, however, that they continue to keep their collaborative partnership regardless of how much fame and fortune they might individually accumulate; what they’ve got between them is really unique and special, and while I would welcome the idea of new contributors to their intriguing hip-hop project, breaking up the basic nucleus of this duo wouldn’t just be a bad move for Still G & Slapy, but (at this point) a bad move for the Italian rap community in general.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5PRqDKx0pjos7Rul4cnPcQ

Hip-hop fans can rest assured that the genre is changing in amazing ways through a new generation of creative minds and recording virtuosos that includes Still G & Slapy, who drop a remarkably accessible piece of rap gold in this latest single. This has been a big year for their scene, but there are few artists – if any at all – that have provoked the kind of buzz that the Top Ten sizzler “Endless” has. Though they face some stiff competition from their American and British counterparts heading into 2020, they show some serious chops in this track that every serious hip-hop enthusiast can appreciate.

by Bethany Page

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