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INTERVIEW: Time Traveler

Hey Time Traveler, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey Guys, I am doing well, thanks! Hope you are fine as well.

We really liked the EP, what’s the story behind it though, what’s Harder Times and why is it important to you? What made you want to remix these two tracks from Marascia?

I would say love. A love that started almost 20 years ago.

Harder Times was a movement and party that shaped the Sardinian club scene and Marascia was the headliner Dj, for more than two decades she led the best club nights. My very first party I attended was indeed a H.T’s one where Marascia was playing. It was 2001 and Marascia was playing her set and I heard ‘The Rain’ and ‘Obscurity’ for the first time. Ray (Raimondo) was the vocalist that night and the lyrics voiced in these tracks, was the night I fell in love with them.

You generally have a very heavy sound, this one may be not as hard, why is that? Do you have a developing sound or one that you usually adhere to?

I do really love this question thanks for asking me and giving me the chance to answer!

I was pretty sad when mostly all the press had a weird reaction on this release and basically focused the whole attention replying “this is not what TT usually does, we don’t expect that from TT” etc

Yes this release is different, and the meaning of this release is different as basically in every release I did I tried to express a mood and a chapter of my life I was living, my point is to communicate using music, and my music is related to my very own deep feelings, so I would say nobody really can expects something from my music but me.

But as in my whole music you find also in Harder Times Tribute my watermark sound.

So maybe most of them did not really listen to the release 😉 ( wink smile )

Can you give us some insight into your process, we love your heavy sound and I’ve been wondering how you bring it all together? What’s the usual plan in going in to making a track?

I usually start from an idea, a basic scratch and most of the time I am inspired by a vision or something I saw, like a picture or a sculpture, my creativity is really connected to a visual process.

I do love to produce music like giving a soundtrack to an image I have in my mind.

I have always been a fan of the cyber punk, sci-fi and 90’s art, my aesthetic background is close to that so it’s my sound that usually ranges from industrial to rave sounds.

To give my music that daw marks my Time Traveler’s sound I use a process of effects layering. Actually, it’s not always the same but it concerns with going on a moderate overdrive use to sometimes a harsh saturation which comes from my pedals I used to plug when I was a guitarist. Music is like painting it’s all about how you play on frequencies. As for a painter, how you mix the use of colours, so I would say giving a mark to the sound of a producer is like the brush sign for a painter and that reflects your inner being.

Has Italy played a part in your music?

My early club experiences of course where related to the Italian 90s and 2000 scene. I been luckily always up to travel around Europe and thirsty to discover what was outside my country.

A lot of Italian artists gave me big inputs in my musical journey, I can name here Gaetano Parisio, D-Lewis and Marascia of course.

What made you want to make your particular brand of electronic music, what’s influenced you or who has inspired you?

I always been fascinated by the electronic music, since my childhood. I started buying music when I was a kid and when I was old enough to understand how to approach the production, I just started it as a hobby whilst I was doing my Uni studies. I have been genuinely inspired by the first records I bought and received as gift when I was really young T99, Prodigy, Front 242, Underworld and what was around the music tapes and records stores in that age.

I was bit of a geek for music.

What else is happening next in Time Traveler’s world?

I recently been one of the PLS. UK owners, beside my partner and label founder FLMM and Matthew we are working hard on the scheduling and lots of great music will comes out from September 2019.

I recently have been in the studio working on a remix which means a lot to me, a record I received as gift when I was 14 and was one of the first to be part of my collection. Basically, it’s the record I used to start practicing the fine art of vinyl mixing. This record was Anasthasia from T99. I had the honour to remix it by the Gentlemen wrote this timeless hit Olivier and Patrick.

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