TRACK BY TRACK: Salt River Shakedown’s Road To The Sacred Island

Unleashing killer rock thrusts and engulfing hooks with burly riffs, SALT RIVER SHAKEDOWN ( ) take from the classic rock groove of Free and Deep Purple and the modern edge of Rival Sons and Audioslave to craft a sound that is unique and all-consuming. The Scottish four-piece reveal their new EP, Road To The Sacred Island, on Friday 19th July. Prior to this,  we asked the guys for an exclusive track by track breakdown of the EP:

Road to the sacred island

This song is really about trying your hardest to get out of a situation that’s bringing you down. I hate being stuck into a normal routine, living a normal life, and this song is about trying your best to get out of that and follow your dreams. The road is long, but the sacred island’s worth it, y’know?


Sunbird came about at a time in my life where I’d just came out of a relationship, and it was a pretty dark time in my life. It’s the feeling of trying to fill that hole in your heart with something. I did a drawing of this Pheonix and for some reason I couldn’t get over this design. Art was something that helped me channel my negative emotions into something positive, and that’s where this song came from. I hope this song can help people searching for that something to find it. It doesn’t have to be a person, go out there and find your passions in life.

A Feast for the Wolves

I tend to get a lot of bad voices telling me things won’t work, and that I should give up. And it almost feels like there’s no escape from them. So I wrote this song as a way to distance those voices from myself. They’re not a part of me, they’re now “wolves” in a story. So everything you hear about how vicious and scary they are, that’s what it’s about. It’s actually probably one of the more depressing songs on the EP despite how it sounds.

Look to the Stars

Look to the stars was written a little after Sunbird was. I realised I took this breakup a little too hard, and that’s not the point of something like that. So this song is basically saying even though we’re nowhere near each other, physically or romantically, just know if you feel like you’re alone, you’ve still got someone you can confide in and talk to. Just because a romantic relationship ends doesn’t mean your connection to a person has to end. Honestly there’s real power in community and connecting with people, and this song was my realisation of that.


This song was written in a really strange time for me, and honestly the message is probably not the best to live by, but it’s what I was feeling at the time. So it’s a bit of a personal topic for me, but I’m on medication for depression. When I was first put on them, I noticed I started becoming apathetic to pretty much everything, and I kind of hated the person I was becoming. So this song is the struggle of me wanting to feel better, but also still be a better person. I was kinda blaming the medicine for it, when really all I needed was a change of perspective. Check out the track, here –

Just you watch

This song is kind of like a continuation of the themes in “Feast for the Wolves”. This is the song where I realise I can overcome these feelings of inferiority and fear. I just have to pursue my dreams and work as hard as I can. This song is me realising that if I get over all the issues in “Numb” and chase after the Sacred Island, I can escape the wolves. Because if I truly love myself, what can those voices do to touch me?

Find My Way

This song is the finale of this whole rollercoaster of emotions. This is me realising how evil the voices telling me I can’t do anything are. This song is me rejecting those voices, and telling them I can find my way on my own. It’s a very important song to me, as it best represents where I’m at emotionally now. Not yet rid of the voices, but doing my best to silence them. I just have to follow my dreams, stay close to my friends, and do my very best for everyone who our music reaches.”

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