Top Tips for the First Time Living With Your Partner

It may have been love at first sight, but it’s a fact of life that long term relationships take some work, especially when it comes to living together or ‘cohabiting’. When you’ve been together for a long time, everyday life becomes more and more prominent, with necessities like paying the bills, cleaning, and creating a peaceful living environment all at the top of the list. At the end of the day, it boils down to one thing – creating harmony in the household in order for things to work on a long term basis. There’s no shame in admitting that achieving this takes a little bit of effort, especially at the very beginning! Here are some expert tips on making the best of cohabiting, and resolving any niggling issues.

Sit down and clearly sort finances

Yes this is a mundane and even stressful task, but there’s no gain from having your head in the sand on this one. Anything that isn’t fully dealt with now will come back and bite you in the future. Finances do not sort themselves out, no matter how much we’d love them to. If you do nothing else, sit down with your other half and leave no stone unturned. Who’s paying the broadband bill? Will one person take on the council tax? It’s perhaps the most boring thing you’ll ever have to sort out but it will certainly be the most worthwhile. Getting this stuff sorted at the very start paves the way for a long and happy life living together.

Speak openly about ‘niggles’

Perhaps this isn’t something that comes naturally – it isn’t to most people. However, if there are any ‘niggles’ that are bothering you, the chances are your partner has some to. It’s safe to say that left unresolved they will grow into more pressing matters and could affect your relationship long term. Even if it’s something that seems trivial, like leaving the milk out or not turning the bathroom light off, it’s worth being honest from the start and ironing things out. On the same principle, you should be open to hearing things that your partner doesn’t like about your habits, and be willing to amend them so that you are both happy. After all, pride doesn’t get you anywhere, cooperation will always come with its own reward.

Cohabitation disputes are normal

No matter who you are and how in love you may be, you may find yourself running into disputes from time to time. Even the happiest couples run into disagreements – especially when they are under the same roof.

Couples in dispute will more often than not find a solution by communicating, but there’s no shame in getting help also. For example, you can discuss issues with qualified cohabitation solicitors such as Abacus Solicitors – who can help you to decide on the best way forward for you both.

Don’t underestimate storage!

There’s two of you now – and that means double stuff! Especially if you were accustomed to living alone, it may come as a surprise just how much stuff needs storing now that you are cohabiting together. One major bugbear for couples who are adapting to change is lack of organisation in this area, so make sure you get your storage covered. Even if you’ve been living together for a while, there’s no harm in taking some time and making sure you are happy with your space and storage – as it’s all these little things that add up to an ultimately happy home.

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