The Best Paying Jobs For Consultants

Whether you’ve been working as a consultant for a while now and are just looking for a new challenge or are thinking of getting into consulting because you want more flexibility and freedom over your work, then you may be wondering how you can get the best paying job. You may not know what the highest earning potential is for your industry, and of course, even within these industries. Salaries will be different because it will always depend on things such as your experience level and also whether you’re going to be a corporate consultant or even a freelance consultant.

Even though there are quite a few variables, there are still some pretty strong and consistent figure ranges, so here are just some of them for you to have a look at.

App Development Consultant:

App developers can make some serious money these days because more and more companies are investing in their own apps, both for consumers and also for internal purposes, so they need to have these created to the highest standard and are willing to pay top dollar to get that done.

For example, an app developer with a few years of experience can easily expect to make around £70,000 per year, and you don’t even need a lot of clients to make that kind of money, so it’s a great area to get into if you’re talented and have an interest in it. It’s also a pretty diverse area, and you could find yourself developing a fitness app one day and then developing an app the next to help people who want to play lottery online.

Tax Consultant:

All businesses need someone who can give them advice on the financial side of things, not only to ensure they’re making enough money and are spending it in the right way but that they’re also paying the right bills on time. This is so they can avoid trouble down the road and since the world of tax law is a scary and daunting one for most people, it’s simply a hassle they don’t really want to deal with on their own. Therefore, they will happily pay someone else to take off their hands, so as a tax consultant, you can quite quickly find yourself earning upwards of £55,000 with a few years of experience under your belt.

IT Consultant:

IT is another area that has huge potential for consultants, not just in terms of salaries, but in how the area is expanding. With so many new opportunities being created, it’s becoming an area that many business owners find difficult and confusing to deal with alone, so they do look for people who can handle this. Although when just starting, an IT consultant probably won’t earn a wonderful salary, some of the top ones can see themselves earning above £80,000 per year, which is certainly not pocket change.

Operations Consultant:

Working as an operations consultant is a big responsibility, and because business owners who understand the value that their operations consultant brings to their business, they are willing to pay well for it. So if you get in the door with a good company, you can find yourself earning up to £85,000 per year.

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