How do you fireproof clothes?

Most generally garment is said to be flame-resistant or fire-resistant or fireproof if the garment self extinguishes the fire or even doesn’t catches the fire in the first place. But we can definitely not come to the conclusion that these fireproof garments cannot hurt a person, people can surely get burnt by the fire, but maybe the intensity will not be severe.

The scientific reason behind it is being the fabric of the fireproof clothes are treated with flame-resistant chemicals which makes the burning process negatively catalyzed and so thereby it eventually provides more time for the person to find medical help and thus escape the fire.

There are lots of stores which provide the best FR clothing but if someone wants to search it online, FRC at  gives some premium quality fireproof clothing items that have a wide range of garments. The site has a very feasible accessing facility which ensures users to easily find the top quality products.

People working in various fields that have a high risk of accidents related to fire can easily use this site to buy products and protect them from any upcoming hazards.

What is a FR garment and how it should be chosen correctly?

The correct choice of FR garments is very vital for the people working in the risk area of fire inducible places as it is a matter of life and death for the people working in those areas. But nowadays, people try to become aware of the fact that connect to things they decide to buy.

For those who have knowledge about FR clothing, it is not new information for them that a flame-retardant solution can make a material resistant to burning when it comes in contact with a source of the fire. But that doesn’t, of course, imply that all sources of fire, starting from cigarette lighters to high-pressure bombs obey the same law resistance for all materials treated with the same chemical composition.

Homemade Remedies for fireproofing clothes?

Homemade remedies are greatly in trend today. Starting from beauty hacks to serious business like making clothes fireproof, it is definitely not impossible to turn fabric into a flame-resistant material with simple household ingredients.

Just as a formula exists for almost every beauty hacks at home, making the clothes fireproof at home also has a formula. The simplest one is the use of Borax. Purchasing a box of 20 Mule Team Borax, one can easily make a solution of nearly 370 grams of Borax in 4 liters of water. But the water should be warm, perhaps a little warmer than what we call lukewarm.

This is because Borax develops much easily in warm water, rather than water at normal temperature. This treatment increases the capability of flame resistance of clothes to a moderate level. But to our greatest astonishment, it is found that clothes can also be made flame resistant to a higher level. If 255 grams of Borax is mixed with 115 grams of Boric Acid, and the solution is sprayed onto clothes, then it is an experimentally proven fact that clothes become resistant to flames of higher strength.

Does Homemade or Chemical Treatment make clothes completely fireproof?

But before trying out this method of making the clothes fireproof, one must become very aware of the fact that no fabric on earth can be made completely fire resistant. With homemade or other kinds of treatment, they can only be made somewhat less prone to fire. But that isn’t a small achievement. Through such treatments, combustible materials can be made less flammable.

It is very important to know that the materials that will receive the treatment must be inert like brick or soil. Else, it cannot be made fireproof at all. Mixing 455 grams of alum with 480 milliliters of hot water will produce a solution which will transform any fabric into a fireproof material when it is immersed in this solution and dried.


Thus beside homemade techniques, there are lots of methods by which materials can be made fireproof. Hope, these tips would help you in fireproofing your clothes.

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