AxVoice Review 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Ease of use, scalability, and cost-effectiveness—these are some important factors that are replacing the traditional landlines with VoIP phone systems. When VoIP services were first introduced, there were concerns regarding call quality. With the advancement of technology, the call quality has improved, too. In this hands-on review, we will provide an unbiased expert review of the widely used VoIP service provider Axvoice by focusing on the major performance factors like installation, features, pricing, and customer support.

Axvoice is the most popular VoIP service provider by offering competitive plans for both residential and business users. You manage your Axvoice account via an online portal. Axvoice’s call quality is top-notch, its set up is simple and straightforward, and it offers reasonable plans for all types of users.

Ease of Installation:

Axvoice can be set up easily within a few minutes. First, you will have to provide all the details regarding your network and internet provider to the Axvoice team. Once done, you will receive relative hardware (an ATA) to set up your internet phone service. After receiving it, you can head to the official website of Axvoice to follow the installation guide from there.


  • Broadband or high-speed internet connection

  • VoIP phone adapter

  • Fixed/cordless phone

Features and Functionality:          

  • Outbound call features

Caller ID blocking – Axvoice lets you block your caller ID from displaying on other’s phones. This feature makes your life easier by adding an extra layer of privacy while making calls.

Three-way calling – With this VoIP service, you can enjoy conference calls with your clients or loved ones. You can add another number without disconnecting from the original call party.

Music on hold – Axvoice allows you to engage your caller by pressing the Hold button during a call. You can avoid them from hanging up on you by replacing the dead air with some fancy music.

E911 Support – Your internet phone service can help you in an hour of need by providing your number to the authorized body. Simply dial 911 and inform the authorities that you need help.

International call blocking – Axvoice offers unlimited call services in the U.S. and Canada. It enables you to block all other international calls automatically through your Axvoice control panel.

Codec – With this feature, you can easily switch to low-bandwidth codecs, including G.729, GSM, G.711u, and G.711a.

Alternate caller ID – Axvoice gives you multiple alternate caller IDs for your VoIP phone.

7, 10, and 11-digit dialing – While making local calls from your VoIP number, you don’t have to dial area codes. Axvoice is the most convenient calling solution that you can get.

  • Incoming Call Features

Call waiting – With your voice over internet phone service, you can hear a beep within a call whenever you receive another call. Without disconnecting either of them, Axvoice enables you to switch between the two calls simply. This feature also comes with Caller ID so you can easily know the second caller’s name easily.

Do not disturb – Axvoice simplifies your life by enabling you to redirect all incoming calls on your VoIP phone to your voicemail within a predefined time bracket and on specified days. You won’t be getting any notifications for them. Plus, you can set this feature to auto-repeat on selected days, too.

Caller ID – For every incoming call that you receive on your VoIP number, you can get the caller ID number. By adding Caller ID Name feature to your plan, you can even find out who is calling.

Blacklist – If you don’t want to receive calls from specific numbers, you can simply add them in your Axvoice blacklist.

Distinctive Ring – Axvoice lets you set distinctive ringtones for your additional virtual lines. If you have more than one number on your VoIP phone, there will be no confusion with this nifty feature.

Call filter – With this amazing feature, your special calls will be picked up by you only. Axvoice facilitates the user by giving the opportunity to redirect the calls to a specified number. Filtering is the smartest call feature offered by Axvoice.

Simultaneous Ring – Axvoice makes sure that you never miss an important call. You don’t have to leave your desk to get the call. With this feature, all the incoming calls simultaneously ring on the specified numbers, enabling you to pick an important call from anywhere.

Anonymous call rejection – You can easily block all anonymous calls in a single click.

  • Call Forwarding

Find Me Follow Me – With Axvoice, you can redirect all the unanswered calls to specified numbers. Plus, you can define the order of sequential call ringing on three different devices.

Call forwarding – If you can’t take calls from your number all the time, you can transfer these calls to any other landline, smartphone, or voicemail. With an easy switch option, you can revert all the calls back to directly answering calls through your VoIP phone anytime. Plus, you can schedule your busy call routine by setting time and date options.

Failover – With Axvoice internet phone service, you will never miss any call even if your IP-only phone dies. If there is a power outage, you can simply pick your calls from your cell phone or any specified phone number.

  • Advance Features

Call logs – You can access your VoIP phone call logs, including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

Enhanced voicemail – Now you don’t have to dial short code every time to access your voicemails. Axvoice sends you an instant notification via email whenever you receive a voicemail. Not only this, it lets you access your voicemails through your Axvoice web account, anytime, using any web browser.

Free in-network calling – With this internet phone service, you can freely make unlimited calls to other Axvoice numbers.

BYOD support – You don’t have to buy a new VoIP line if you already have one. After configuration, you can use your own VoIP device to set up the Axvoice line.

Softphone support – Once you have downloaded a softphone software on your phone, tablet or even computer, you don’t need your touchtone anymore as Axvoice lets you make calls from anywhere.

  • Optional Features

Virtual Number – Axvoice enables you to add any number from any area code to your account for $3.99 a month.

Toll-Free Number – It also offers toll-free numbers within the U.S. and Canada for $3.99 a month (4.99c/minute US coverage) or $5.99 a month (4.99c/minute US and Canada Coverage).

Call Quality:

Axvoice has designed its internet phone service products by considering the two key factors, including reliability and customer service. They use up to date technology to ensure crystal-clear call quality.

Tech Support:        

In case of any technical issue, Axvoice offers its assistance in a variety of options, including direct assistance, resources, community forum, and FAQs. You can submit a ticket via their official website anytime by adding your personal details like name and email address. Their technical support team directly contact you via email to resolve all general and technical issues. The website contains a variety of FAQs covering all the information about what you need to get started and how to configure devices. Plus, there are installation guides and community forum that helps with troubleshooting.



Value for Money:

The value of any internet phone service highly depends on its cost. Axvoice offers two different plans for residential and business users. Within residential services, it offers five different plans, all at great prices ranging from $4.99 to $29.99 a month. We have already mentioned above that Axvoice offers many features for free with every internet phone service. When you compare this with other competitors, you can really get a lot for the money.

Service Plans:

Residential VoIP Plans

Residential VoIP

Home Phone Service

US/Canada 200

Pay as You Go (Monthly)

Residential International

Residential International Plus


Unlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada

200 minutes to anywhere in the US and Canada

Calls at 1.5c/minute to anywhere in the US and Canada

Unlimited VoIP Calling to 45+ international destinations

Unlimited VoIP Calling to 60+ international destinations







Business VoIP Plans

Business VoIP

Small Business Plan

Home Office Plan


1500 minutes to anywhere in the US and Canada

1.5c/minute for an additional minute

200 minutes to anywhere in the US and Canada

1.5c/minute for an additional minute




Final Thought:

Honestly, we will definitely recommend Axvoice, because the company’s services and plans are remarkable. It lacks a few features like a softphone app, but its overall performance, functionality, and the good integration options make it suitable for residential as well as business purposes. In a nutshell, Axvoice will be a decent internet phone service for your home and business.


  • Free equipment

  • Competitive pricing

  • 15-day money back guarantee

  • Low international rates

  • Third-party software and hardware integration


  • No trial version

  • No mobile version

  • No live customer support

Signing this review off by adding a few customer reviews:

“I have to take and make a lot of calls internationally. Call clarity is a pain in the neck with long-distance calls. All that static and distortion affect potential sales. I switched to Axvoice about 6 months ago, and not a single poor quality call till now. 5 stars from me.” – Nicklos K.

“Axvoice is affordable and that’s all what matters, because I have tried a few different VoIP phones in the last few years and they all offer similar services. You just need to have a decent Internet connection.” – Monica

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