5 Survival Tips to Help You Remain Safe in the Jungle

You have seen it on evening news, it is depressing and finally it hits you that the situation could have been avoidable. Getting lost in the jungle is now a common news item. It makes your mind race trying to visualize what you would have done if in the same fix.

Moving into the Unknown Unprepared

In modern day, hectic lifestyles survival skills are no longer revered despite myriad dangers out in the jungle. However, it doesn’t have to be this way because if everyone took some time to learn a few tricks to beat nature, most of these situations would be avertable.

Jungle Survival Tips at Your Fingertips

It is understandable that some situations are accidental but as they say, better forewarned.  Here are some crucial tips to get you out of the jungle alive:

  1. Stop, Think Back and then Forward

There is nothing as risky as panicking when you realize you are lost in the wilderness. As such, you need to first stop, take stock of everything that has just happened, observe where you are, note the time of day and then start thinking forward.

All this time, try to calm yourself by breathing deeply and recalling instances where people got out of situations similar to yours. Yes Lost and Castaway are important after all.

  1. Consider Your Safety

Forums for responsible gun use recommend having a gun with you either in the car if you are going for camping or any type of excursion.  If you get lost, such advice will be invaluable because your gun will guarantee your safety. If you don’t have a gun, check for any solid item such as sticks and ensure you have a good grip of one end.

  1. Think Water

In classic cases of jungle rescue, victims have survived on water for days. Water helps to sustain your body and to calm you down. If there is no river and it is raining, get leaves and direct drops to form a flow into your mouth.

  1. Think Food

It is crucial to start thinking about food once you realize there is no way out. The best source of food is culinary root tubers, edible nuts and berries, mushrooms and fruits. These are high in calories and they will rejuvenate your body lest you faint.

  1. Locate Shelter and Try Lighting a Fire

This is the most tedious survival skill when you are in the jungle but again it is also the most critical. Creativity is called for here but luckily, it is most likely that you were a champion in building tree houses and other sheds in your parent’s backyard. Collect fallen sticks and create a makeshift shelter in a secluded area. The idea is to exploit foliage to shelter you from the cold at night.

Well, there are many other tactics to get you out of the jungle but the bottom-line remains keeping your senses on alert. At no point should you let your guard down and indeed try to remember any local dangers you have heard and focus on staying away from such.


Cruz Thompson is an outdoors buff with experience in Africa, Amazon, Asia and many other regions. He also writes on survival training and posts these invaluable gems on http://shooting.org/.

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