6 Benefits of Buying a Folding Mattress

The foldable mattress is indeed one of the best innovations in the industry that we enjoy today. It is the perfect solution for those with very limited space at home. Thanks to its special foldable design, you can easily squeeze it inside the storage room or closet when not in use. If it is for guests, you can simply fold and slide it back under your bed once they left. But aside from the fact that it is easier to store, you can also transport it without too much work.

This type of mattress is usually sold on the market with 3 panels which folds into 2 sections. It is ideal for guest beds and children for sleepovers or simply lounging in your living room. After all, a decent folding mattress is more comfortable to sleep on than a firm futon or a cheap sofa. When it comes to outdoor activities, you can also carry it for traveling, and camping for a more comfortable sleep.

Admit it; it’s better than sleeping on a thin sleeping bag as long as you don’t have to climb the mountains. If you have to go hiking, we don’t recommend carrying once since it is too bulky.  Regardless, there are still more to gain from buying a folding mattress. We already prepared everything for you to discover more benefits from investing in this type of mattress.You can also check this curated best sellers of folding beds. So, read on and see if it really matches your taste and needs or not.

  • Compact and space-saving solution.

For homes, apartments, and condominiums with small space to maximize, a folding mattress is a perfect alternative for traditional mattresses. Besides, getting more space is considered as luxury nowadays. So, a compact mattress that you can fold into a smaller size is absolutely a must to save space. Isn’t it appealing to come home in a place where you can have more space to move freely? Due to its “collapsible” design, you can fold it into 2 or 3 to decrease its size even more.

Clearly, this is impossible to do with traditional mattresses on bed frames. In case you have kids, they can enjoy more space to run and play once the mattress is folded. This is also a great investment for minimalist people out there who don’t like having too many things at home. You can declutter your space without a hassle every morning then enjoy a good sleep every night.

  • Perfect for guests and little kids.

For kids who love to roll on the floor while playing, drawing, or reading books, a folding mattress is handy. This is much more comfortable than letting your kids roll on the floor especially without a carpet. Even the usual thin playing mats can’t compare to this type of mattress. A folding mattress is also safer than leaving them on the bed where the chance of falling is high. Thus, you can worry less about their safety and multi-task if you must.

Once your kids are used to it, they might get and unfold the mattress themselves whenever they want to play. As for the guests, this works great whether you welcome them regularly or not. It doesn’t eat up permanent space so you can maximize your space for other things whenever you don’t have guests. Besides, it is better than letting them crash on your couch where their space to move is more limited.

  • Great for sleepovers and traveling.

Do you need a mattress for sleepovers? Well then, this is a perfect solution especially if you have kids and teenagers who love sleepovers the most. Since you can fold it into a compact size, you can fit it into the car easily for sleepovers. Your children would surely thank you for it every time they want to sleep on their friends’ house. This is also great for traveling if you want to camp near your car. It is more lightweight and portable to carry in your car so you don’t have to sleep on the ground when outdoors.

  • Cheaper compared with regular mattresses.

Finding a regular foam or innerspring mattress around or even under $300 is challenging. In other words, a regular mattress is a big investment especially if you need additional features for pressure relief and more. If you want a hybrid mattress, you might spend up to $1,000 or higher so a folding mattress is cheaper. Buying one can help you save hundreds of dollars as long as you go for a high-quality model. If you’re lucky, you might even come across those models that are sold below $50!

However, don’t expect it to be as durable and long-lasting like a conventional mattress. Apparently, it has limitations too.  However, buying it for occasional purposes instead of a regular mattress and a bed frame is more practical.

  • Constructed with versatile designs.

If there are mattresses that you can hide inside your couch or behind your bookshelves, never underestimate a folding mattress. Just so you know, some folding mattresses can be folded into a single or double sofa chair too. This makes them more versatile compared with other types of mattresses since they are convertible. They can be used as a low couch in the morning then bed in the evening once they are unfolded.

Moreover, did you know that even kids love to have their own spot on the sofa like adults? Well, this is also great for kids’ rooms since there are brands that manufacture smaller sizes exclusive for kids.

  • Guaranteed comfort and support.

Though folding mattresses are typically made from foam only, they offer a higher level of comfort and support. They are available in thicker versions which provide more back support, unlike most standard portable mattresses that are too thin.


Overall, a folding mattress is really worth investing in whether you have limited space or not at home. It is affordable, comfortable, portable, and flexible. Most importantly, it offers better cushioning especially when filled with memory foam which responds and contours to body curves better.

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