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Ways to Gain Body Muscles for Men

You will find two types of people in the gym and a park. First, some people break a sweat to become fit by losing weight, while others are working out to get some muscle on their body. Many of the people are suffering from obesity, even if they consume fewer calories they are never losing weight. On the other side some people, no matter how much they eat or workout they are not likely to get weight easily. In our opinion, gaining weight is a lot harder than losing. Both processes need proper diet, nutrition, and exercise plan. By gaining weight we mean to increase muscles not fat. So, in this article, we would like to discuss some tips on how to get weight easily for men.


Nutrition plays the most significant role in increasing weight. As they say, what you eat makes who you are. What you do in the kitchen is far more important than what you do in the gym. Your body should be supplied with all the necessary vitamins and minerals which help to gain weight. First, you should assess the foods which are rich in the required vitamins and minerals. Your workout plan in the gym should be correlated with the foods you are eating.

Eat More Often

Several medical studies suggest that to gain weight one must eat more often. You should have a balanced diet 1-2 hours before you hit the gym and 1-2 hours after your workout. Usually, we call them pre-workout and post-workout meals. On the rest days also you should follow the same diet plan. We have seen some people complaining about no matter how much they burn calories they don’t get more appetite, in such cases, one could use some natural appetizer. CBD Oil is believed to one of the best appetizers that increase your appetizer.

Proper Workout Plan

With all the calories you consume you must need a good workout plan. If you are subsequently consuming more calories without a proper workout plan then you will get more layers of fat on your body instead of getting muscles. But always keep in mind that, if you burn more calories than how much you consume then you are not going to get weight according to plan.

Calorie Regime

Now, you might be thinking nutrition and calorie are both the same thing but they have a different meaning. By calorie regime we mean, one should intake required calories. Different foods provide different calories so you can use Google or can your trainer about which foods you should be eating to fulfil your daily calorie regime. As we mentioned earlier one must be eating more often to gain weight but what you eat is more prominent. If you are having cheeseburger more often then, your calorie regime will be far more than how much you burn in the gym. If you have a problem of not getting appetite then we recommend you to use high quality CBD oil.


Sometimes we may not get the required protein and other essentials from the foods we eat daily. So medically proven supplements can be really helpful to fulfil the diet regime. You should consult with your trainer or diet expert at the gym about which supplements in the market right now are the best for you. Undoubtedly, protein is essential to get muscles but instead of going for only protein powder, you should consider supplements which are rich in all other nutrients and minerals as well.

Final Word:

Gaining weight or muscle is a gradual process. You should be consistent with the plan your trainer and dietician have suggested you. Weigh yourself once a week. Gaining weight is a long process and you don’t get results overnight so if weigh daily then you may get worried if you don’t see results. But sticking to the proper workout and balanced diet plan with consistency you are likely to get positive results.

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