Tropic Harbour

Tropic Harbour & Katie Laine Share “Oh No”

Bringing some super cool vibes to Absent Mind this week is Canadian artist Tropic Harbour and the wonderful vocalist Katie Laine. In their first release for the label, they present “Oh No,” which captures a melodic, guitar-driven sound.

Speaking on their blissful collaboration, Laine says: “This song was written in a time of heavy contemplation about the decision whether or not to continue a relationship. It reflects on the emotional sacrifice it takes to love, and feel loved by someone.”

Tropic Harbour adds: Katie’s voice has such an effortless charm about it and her songwriting always stood out to me, so I wanted to collaborate with her. I asked her to send me a recording of a song she was working on so she sent me a rough iPhone recording with just a single take of her track. I was planning to have her come over to my studio to re-record the guitar and vocals, but after playing around I loved the imperfections of it and just went with it.”

Check it out here.

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