Adventurous Sports that One can Play in London

How many of us do not love sports? Wrong question! How many of us love playing games and sports? Every single human being on the planet loves doing so. This is the primary source of the recreation plus enjoyment, which outbursts your every level of thinking as well as pumps your veins.

However, the adventurous sports not only recreates you but also thrusts your adrenalin, and help you in overcoming your fears plus these sports boosts the morale as well as the confidence. One can win over any problem or can seek out any difficulty at any phase of life.

The only reason behind this is the positivity which he or she gains from conquering the mountains, tearing the heavy current of rivers in two halves, climbing the icy peaks, and by doing some daring adventures.

London is known for sites like Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, and the other flashy places of the city including the museums. Apart from hot waving at these locations, one can stretch his limbs in and around the city.

Some of the adventures that one can drench himself in London are climbing, white water rafting, Bungee Jumping, parkouring, scuba diving, footgolf, karting, BMXing, zorbing, and what not.

Also, when it comes to seeking adventures in London, one can explore a lot of other things as well, except the top sports mentioned below. If you are planning to pay a visit to London and make some adventurous memories, you may consider Faremart – An airlines offering exclusive air ticket booking services with access to 450+ airlines. Besides, you may travel with American Airlines and explore American Airlines Destination, and land one of your favourite destinations- London.

Now, let’s get started with the top 8 adventurous sports that you can play in London.

1. Zorbing

ImageSource: RoadTrippers

For those who have no idea about this sport let me tell those readers – in this sport one gets into a huge ball and then the ball is slid down the hill with some slope. The more fun evolving sites in London while zorbing is Parliament Hill or Greenwich Park.

The nearest location to have the experience of the sport is GoZorbing at Whyteleafe in Surrey.

The price ticket to enjoy the ball begins from £49.99 for a single or at a maximum of two persons. In the case of two persons, both are strapped in the adverse position of the zorb. For more involvement give a shot to Hydro Zorbing. The fare costs the same, with the exact principle, with the only difference that the massive ball is filled with forty litres of water smashing you from all sides.

2. Paintballing

Full-Day Paintballing With Lunch

ImageSource: GroupOn

The sport is an indoor part of the games. Anyhow, the game is being played since 1992 in the regions of Boston. A scarce awareness of the sport is seen in few people but those who play this game play with real zeal and enthusiasm. The sport is entertaining and full of enjoys. This is mostly played in NYC (New York City).

In London, it is taking its turn and turning the players up and down in an aspect of thrill and pushing the adrenalin to the next level. By the way, it is played in Bunker 51 in Greenwich. The place is a nuclear bunker which is at the current moment a decommissioned place, and this thing makes it perfect for the sport.

The site also supports and boosts up the zombie apocalypse. The price here to enjoy the sport is £25 for the beginner level. The game in this location offers Laser Tag, to have less or no bruises.

If you are the first-timer in London, then check this.

3. Climbing

ImageSource: AlphaCoders

You will get the pump the moment you will have the icy mountain or the icy cliff in your view. The sport is over thrilling and keeps on increasing the fear factor with every step you tuck onto the ice.

If you have not yet seen the round-up of amazing climbing centres in London, then venture the O2 starting from £26. Be a silhouette ants whom you gaze from the base to the dome’s top. You will have a ‘go’ type feeling, but believe me, marketing as intrepid will fall to a false.

When you are at the location or at the top-notch, do not expect to have a scenic view of the city. The city’s skyscrapers, including Canary Wharf, will all be out of the sight what you will have! The moment, and the mesmerizing landscape plus some fresh breathes.

Great satisfaction is achieved when one climbs Vertical Chill in London, punching the holes in the ice wall at the rear side of Ellis Brigham in Covent Garden. The one-on-one session for the costs of £50 is for the starters, £35 is a charge on groups, the decline in price steps down to £25 for the professionals plus if they have their own gear.

4. Abseiling

The 'Cheesegrater' at 122 Leadenhall Street, is 225 m (737 ft) tall and a group of 40 thrillseekers are taking part in the challenge

ImageSource: DailyMail

This also a mountaineering act but here the only difference is you are descending the mountain. In layman language of mountain climbers, you are working with the gravity instead of against it.

Many charities support and aid the sport at different London site like ArcelorMittal Orbit. The abseiling starts from £85.

5. White Water Rafting

ImageSource: ExtremeSports

Lee Valley White Water Centre is that place in London where the adventurous persons can lure the white foams of the river. Apart from white water rafting, there is an option of other activities too like canoeing and kayaking.

A little outside the London City in Hertfordshire, the risk is worth taking in the roaring waters of Thames. £49 is the starting amount to paddle the raft in the Thames.

6. Bouldering

ImageSource: MeetUpStatic

It is way similar to rock climbing, and the only difference is that instead of real rock or mountain climbing, there is rope-free climbing performed at shallow height over the crash pads. The reason behind this is that even if one falls, he or she should not have severe injuries.

The type of difficulty sets the routes and the equipment. Generally only climbing shoes and a chalk bag are the essentials.

Check here the castle climbing too.

7. The Arch Climbing Wall

ImageSource: StaticFlickr

The arch is a region which has a three-venue bouldering pivot. The real one is 10,000 square feet at The Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, the expansion compelled it to open another 11,000 square feet venue, plus more demand resulted in the third one too with the same size of the second venue.

The ways are ranked as per the difficulty level from V0 (the simplest) to V9 ( the hardest) which accompanies 300-400 several ways to try at each compound.

8. Parkour

ImageSource: AkaMaiHD

If someone has played the high graphics games like Prince of Persia or Assassins Creed or Witcher, then we all fall in the same pit. We get so fascinated by the characters like “Ezio Auditore Da Firenze” or Alcatraz of Crysis II and III.

What I’m trying to tell you all, is that the things those fictitious characters do or skills they perform all are the part of an actual sport – PARKOUR.

ImageSource: YouTube

Parkouring is a fantastic sport. It’s not only played in London but also at sites of the world like Tokyo, Beijing, New York. In fact, the players do not need some specific location, and on the contrary, every location is their playground.

Final Sayings

Pay a homage once in London and perform these sports, you will come again, rest assured.

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