The new cigarillo flavors setting the market on fire with excitement

Across the past few years, cigarillos are becoming more prominent in the global community of smokers. Cigarillos are not like the regular cigarettes you know. In the case of cigarillos, these flavors are wrapped in brown tobacco-based paper allowing the smoker to savor the flavor fully.

A significant fraction of smokers also prefer wrapping their cigarillo flavors in tobacco leaves. By size, cigarillos are smaller than cigars although they beat your conventional cigarettes in length. Cigarillos are actually closer in size to panatela sized cigars.

Cigarillos assure you of extreme pleasure given the sweetness of their aroma. There are many different flavors, but let us handpick some of the best cigarillo flavors in the market.

You are missing so much if you haven’t tried White Owl Cigarillo Blue Raspberry

White Owl Cigarillo blue raspberry flavor hasn’t been a long while on the scene. However, unlike other slow-and-steady brands, the White Owl Cigarillo blue raspberry has sped rebelliously to the top chart of cigarillo flavors in such a short time.

This flavor is tobacco at its flawless premium. It is affordable yet retaining its superiority in quality. This cigarillo tantalizes you with a fruity blue raspberry flavor this inviting aroma for which mild cigars are famous. It is no wonder the White Owl Cigarillo blue raspberry flavor sits comfortably among the cream of machine made cigars.

The super-wonder Swisher Sweets Cigarillo Banana Smash

These cigarillos nailed it perfectly for their mouthwatering banana flavor blended with strawberry spice. You will need all the willpower in the world to resist a puff of this marvelous flavor.

This flavor is mild in the strength profile, gentle on the mouth, with that aroma you dream of all day. Usually, this flavor comes in separate resealable foil pouches.

These special packs enhance the longevity of the flavor while being very convenient on the go. Swisher Sweets Cigarillo Banana Smash is slow burning giving you that really good draw that makes the whole world stops for a moment!

 The Dutch Masters Cigarillo Red Berry is another wonder that deserves this list

The list of best cigarillos flavors will lose its credibility if we fail to include the Dutch Masters Cigarillo Red Berry. This flavor is an offering of Altadis USA, famously one of the biggest and oldest cigarillo manufacturers in North America.

The Dutch Masters Cigarillo Red Berry is for the party more inclined towards fruity-flavored cigars. The red berry element amplifies the smoking delight. Commonly, the flavor is presented in mild Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. This design naturally sweetens the flavor of Dutch Masters Cigarillo Red Berry with a bit of more spice to it.

This cigarillo gives a lovable and sustainable smoking sensation rather than quickly burning off. It gives you that smooth berry flavor burning for longer. You are sure to find this intensely satisfying.

In every pack of Dutch Masters Cigarillo Red Berry, you could find twenty premium foil-sealed small bags in addition to three cigarillos. We can’t hurriedly forget the plumy pleasures of the red berries for which this flavor is famed for.

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