Preserve the new looks of cars with car detailing

Just as all cars are not alike so also are the car cleaning techniques, and there are some advanced techniques of car cleaning better known as car detailing that adds more punch to the sparkling looks after clean up. The difference between car cleaning and car detailing is not much significant but to ensure that your car sports the best looks at all times, you need car detailing. Car detailing consists of looking into the finer aspects of cleaning and you must get your car fully detailed at some time interval may be once or twice a year with intermittent detailing in between.

As you read this article, you will come to know at least the basics about car detailing and all that it involves.

What is car detailing?

The term car detailing might appear a bit technical to those not familiar with it, but in plain and simple language it means a thorough cleaning of cars.  Not only is the cleaning thorough, but it also uses some specialized tools and products available from the online store Midnight Driver.  The concept of car detailing aims at cosmetic makeover exclusively for aesthetic enhancement and starts from the point after completing body repair and paintwork.  It consists of cleaning and reconditioning cars both from inside and outside to restore the paintwork by removing swirl marks and scratches for restoring the brand new looks of the vehicle that looks as if you first drove it out from the showroom.

More than just the basics

Car cleaning is a basic activity, whereas car detailing is an advanced technique of refining what you achieve from cleaning. Your car exterior and interior looks clean after you wash it thoroughly and vacuum the interior after wiping out the dirt, dust, and grime accumulated at various places. But cleaning does not take care of the imperfections that show up across the car with time for which you require car detailing. After the process, your car will look as if new, such is the finish achieved with car detailing.

Car detailing comprises of exterior and interior detailing.

Exterior car detailing

The process begins with a thorough wash of the vehicle to make it dirt fee by allowing the soap to foam that softens the dirt and mud and then removes it from the surface. The cleaning extends to wheels, brakes, lug nuts, calipers, etc., for which special brushes and tools are necessary to accomplish thorough cleaning.  Next is the cleaning of the paintwork by washing and mopping with soft microfiber towels. To remove the tightly clinging dirt on the paintwork completely, you must use an automotive clay bar.  After removing scratches from the painted surface, a protective ceramic coating is applied.

 Interior car detailing

It consists of vacuuming and shampooing the upholstery inside the car to clean it thoroughly. For leather upholstery, it requires scrubbing and conditioning for the complete dirt removal. The cleaning also applies to all plastics and vinyl.

Car detailing helps to retain the car value that looks clean and beautiful and enhances its protection to maintain the looks for a longer time.

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