Looking for fuller eyebrows? Here are a few things you need to know beforehand

Microblading is a trendy eyebrow correction and makeup technique that most women with thinner or damaged browlines are adopting to keep their gorgeous face forever so. While this method has no doubt proved useful for many girls, there are a few things about it that you should be aware of before making a salon appointment so that you know what you are getting into and what you can expect out of it.

Is microblading semi-permanent?

If you do some online research, you will discover that it is permanent makeup. But some people may tell you that it’s not the truth. Neither they are lying, nor are they correct about it. The thing is different people have different types and colors of skin. So, the experiences can vary. Even salon artists tell you that it may not stay beyond a year. It indicates you will have two options if that happens – removal or touch-up. With periodic touch-up sessions, you can keep the shape and color of your newly designed eyebrow alive.

What type of pigment can be right to select?

Generally, there are organic and inorganic pigments that specialists use for this purpose. Natural colors have a bold and vibrant look, while the other ones are not quite varied and can fade quickly also. These come from minerals. You can inquire about it from your eyebrow tattoo expert at the time of consultation. Anyway, if you don’t like the color tone, tell your artist during the touch-up session to make it proper for you.

When is touch-up done?

You need eyebrow touchup as a part of eyebrow maintenance to keep the color and style in good shape. The new eyebrow may start to lose its brightness over time. But you can fix it with this. Another thing that deserves a mention here is that the first time you go for microblading, once the stroking part is over and the eyebrow color is all set, you may have to visit salon in one or two months after the area has healed and the initial shade of the treatment has gone by 30 to 50%.

Touch-up may take somewhere about 40 minutes of your time, but it is better you don’t miss this session. Otherwise, your investment will be a total waste. The healing time can be about seven days or so.

Does eyebrow tattooing hurt?

There can be some pain and discomfort initially, but it mostly depends where you get this done and who does this for you. An experienced artist will make sure the procedure is all smooth for you. They generally numb the concerned area to eliminate the risk of pain. But still, it’s better to be mentally prepared even at the touch-up session. Consult your artist beforehand about what can bother you.

Although it is recommendable that whatever style and color you pick should not be a casual choice, you can still get them fixed during touch-up sessions. So, if you were not satisfied with your first experience or it is going to mark your first encounter with the technique, don’t worry about anything. Touch-up sessions are there to correct or maintain the kind of look you wish for your brows.

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