Coffee Culture in the UK – When and How?

The United Kingdom has been one of the world’s greatest tea consumers since the eighteenth century. The British Empire played a key role in spreading the tea culture from China to India and then to the United Kingdom. Though, tea is still dominating the breakfast market of the UK but not to the same extent as it did in the eighteenth century. A survey by Gimoka suggests a fast-moving shift from tea to coffee in the UK. The UK people drink 70 million cups of coffee per day as compared to 165 million cups of tea per day.

The boom of Coffee Culture in the UK

Coffee was introduced to the nation in the sixteenth century. It was around the same time when coffee culture also started mushrooming in Italy, which is just 1000 miles away from the UK. However, until the 1990s, the UK population was rarely addicted to coffee. It was between 1993 and 1997 when the number of coffee shops and outlets shot up by a whopping 847 percent in the UK. Drinking coffee was seen as an imitation of the then popular American sitcoms like Friends. It was further supported by the digital age, freeing up people from their office seats and enabling them to create a virtual office anywhere. This started as a loop by the cafes by installing free wi-fi’s and further inviting people to join the group of the new age coffee lovers. Many joined in just to accompany others and finally fell for the aroma of the fresh coffee beans.

All about Coffee Beans in UK and Italy

Coffee is grown at high altitudes and temperatures, making the UK unfit to grow coffee geographically. Hence, the increasing demand for coffee in the UK can be easily met by the premium quality Italian coffee with the best flavors. Italy is not the birthplace of coffee but it definitely is the originating place for the coffee culture that took the world by storm post the sixteenth century. Today, Italy is hard to be imagined without coffee. Coffee is the alarm for the Italians that buzz every morning to kick start their day.

Coffee beans are of two types – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is known for its full flavor with low-caffeine content, whereas Robusta is more popular for its strength and high-caffeine content. Since Arabica is grown with more difficulty and in harsh conditions, it is costlier than Robusta. Ethiopian mountains in Africa are known to produce Arabica coffee beans while the more easily and economically available Robusta is grown in South America and Indonesia. The Italian coffee is usually the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, making it full of flavor, fragrance and aromatic coffee taste.

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