What movers won’t move?

The experience of shifting from one place to another, basically the shifting of residence, is of great excitement for people. But at the same time, it is also required by the elder members of the family to plan and organize the entire program with good research, choosing the right company, perfect moving containers as per requirement is perhaps the most important task when it comes to planning.

However, certain things and objects are there which should be transported in personal assistance and even the best long distance movers refrain from moving such objects under their responsibility. These are the things that should be kept in mind and a separate list of such objects should be made beforehand.

Hence the items that can’t be carried by the movers should be packed early in a different way and a separate arrangement should be made by the customer in order to assure safe and secure transportation of those items. Some of the objects that are not transported by the movers are:

1) Plants:

As transporting plants over a long distance requires special permission and license from the Government, so moving companies don’t take the charge of transporting them.

2) Frozen food:

When frozen food remains in the house, they can be preserved well. But while shifting from one place to another, they are the ones who are most susceptible to damage. While traveling on the road, even with mild jerks such perishable food items can get spilled over other moving containers.

3) Hazardous material:

Explosives, flammable quantities and corrosive substances are not the only ones that fall under the category of hazardous material. There are lots of good which seem to be absolutely harmless when it comes to household requirements. Fire extinguishers, paint, cans containing aerosols, also get enlisted in this category. It is recommendable to use these items prior to shifting as the new residents of the place that the customer is moving from, might find it difficult to shift these things.

Black powder, primers, propellants as well as souvenir explosives can be highly dangerous if get carried by the movers. Batteries are another concern. Only the non-spillable gel type batteries are allowed to be carried by the movers. They refrain from carrying other corrosives like Muriatic acid, Nitric acid, Sulphuric acid or even any organic acid (strong or weak). Flammable items including charcoal, kerosene, paint removers, are also prohibited in the entire moving process by the movers.

4) Pets of the house:

No matter however small the pets of the house are, the movers are there to take the responsibilities of inanimate objects and hence not the pets. A separate arrangement should be made for them; either by flight or by car, whatever is the requirement.

5) Equipment with fuel:

There are various types of power equipment that run on fuel. These include motorcycles, lawn mowers, weed eaters and similar items. Their transport is not the responsibility of the movers.

6) Valuables:

Valuables not only include cash. They also consist of important documents, certificates, cheque books, passbooks and identity proof as well. Transporting them via the mover is not technically wrong, but risking things of such importance is never recommended.

7) Others:

This section varies across companies. Some companies do not agree to carry ultra-heavy items like harmonium, piano, pool boards and similar entities. On the contrary, there are also some companies that offer a great service encompassing all these kinds of stuff.


It is very essential to maintain a checklist of the activities to be conducted in order to ensure the smooth running of the shifting process. It paves the way to a peaceful and regret-free stay of people in a new place.

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