Picota & Kumbh

Picota & Kumbh Combine For ProgRAM Outing

Making an impact on ProgRAM this week with a pair of singles is a pair of brothers. The D&B producers Alfredo and Alberto are better known as the duo Picota & Kumbh, and have just released “The Mummy” and “Sacrifice.”

This is a powerful, thickly atmospheric set of tunes. “Sacrifice” rolls out first with snarled synths and super tight drum edits, before “The Mummy” comes in with distorted melodies and climatic energy. The boys say: “This is a dark and nasty project we started, inspired by horror and sci-fi movies. ‘The Mummy’ is a recreation of the horror, thriller and Egyptian films we love because of their unique instruments like the mandolin or the piano. ‘Sacrifice’ tries to recreate the same environment in a different way, through synthesizer pads and mysterious voices. The combination of our growling bass style, drums and atmosphere is what made this release possible.”

Listen here.

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