INTERVIEW: Label Owner & Manager Richard Parrott IV

Hi Rich, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Life is really good right now. Thank you for asking.

How did your career behind the scene work as a manager and label owner?

Behind the scenes really is everything. From listening to submissions daily for new talent or ideas for artists, Building relationships, booking shows, reaching out for placements, looking for new opportunities, and the plotting on being heard, as well as expanding the vision daily.

Were you rather drawn into this world?

It really was a lot by chance. I had the first idea of running a label when my father gave me a copy of Russell Simmons book from the store he owns Urban Xclusive and I had the thought “I may have to do this one day” and then I was stuck at a crossroads as an artist when I made music, and decided let me give the label a try. The management was on the strength of Quis Christ who is a dope artist and doper person to work with. He asked me to manage him after we released a project together and up to that point I never managed, nor even had the idea to manage, but he was so talent and it felt right, so I gave it a shot and from there I built an extremely talented roster. The media aspect was the idea of my brother Mike who gave me the idea of covering Hip Hop on the site and it grew from there gradually.

How did you come with the idea for Global Money?

The idea started as early as 2013. Me and my big cousin used to always joke around and call ourselves the Global Money Gettaz aka GMG. For years it was an ongoing joke and when it came time to start the company, it was just time to make this joke a real thing and do the things we talked about.

This being a media platform as well – how does being part of this other aspect of the music world has help you understand your job as a whole?

The media aspect helps a ton because it gives me a perspective on why things work or don’t. It’s not always about a record being good because you hear good records all the time, but you come to realize songs have to have a special thing about it, something great that stands out and makes you want to hear it again. Those are the songs that win.

What’s the thing you are looking forward the most when signing up a band?

Authenticity.  For me it has to be real. Everybody has something special and I want to hear that special thing about an artist. After that hard work and love for music. It’s important that we do this for the love of it, because that’s what’s going to keep us pushing no matter what.

What would you say has been one or some of the biggest mistake made by artists when trying to get on with a label or a manager?

The biggest mistake is lack of professionalism.  Artists should look at reaching out to a company like looking for a job. Most artists reach out like “yo I’m dope check me out” when it should be a lot more formal and courteous in the approach I’d say.

Does your approach tends to change depending on the genre of the act you are working with or do you under a formula of sort?

I listen for different things I’d say depending on the genre, Like with Hip Hop most artists can flow but they may not be strong lyrically so I listen attentively to that, compared to Rock the production is usually amazing because it takes a high talent level to even put together a production, but not every act can carry the songs vocally, so little things like that play a part but besides that everything is handled with the same amount of care no matter what.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of your work?

The most challenging part is managing everything. The company covers a lot and I try to make sure that everything is handled with the same care and integrity no matter what. I wouldn’t want something to be compromised because it’s just too much, so that’s definitely something I try to be mindful of.

What else is happening next in Richard Parrott IV’s world?

My whole roster is making new music, so you can expect great music from Quis Christ, Rebel Kuzco, Michael Nobody, and Billypalmtrees has “Monte Carlo” dropping July 26th. My partner and I, Michael Grant will be releasing our social media app “Global World” this fall and the third issue of Global World Magazine will be released this August.

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