Why Green Malay Is One of the Best Kratom Capsules and Why Use Green Malay

Kratom is an interesting new drug that’s taking the world by storm, and it’s probably going to be a close combatant with the CBD industry. Despite any of the negative media attention that kratom has received, kratom is starting to be proven as the most effective methods at removing chronic pain, helping people to feel more energized, and even being used just as recreationally in order to give that euphoric feeling.

Another great thing kratom is doing is being used by people who have had opiate addiction, as it acts on opioid receptors and can help provide people with some pain relief as well as a reduction in withdrawal symptoms associated with opioids. One of the best strains that is the most popular is called Green Malay, and in this article we’ll find out why.

Benefits of Using Green Malay

There are many benefits of using Green Malay over others, depending on your needs. One of them is that the potency of Green Malay can provide longer lasting energy levels, as well as longer-lasting side effects. At the same time, many users feel that Green Malay is just as effective as other strains when it comes to relieving them of chronic pain, and even anxiety.

Using Green Malay has even been proven to help your body from deteriorating bones that can cause Osteoporosis. Because it’s so hard to treat, not only is the pain relieved, but kratom can also hinder the excretion of calcium so it can force your body to absorb it.

Is Green Malay The Better Choice?

While it’s mostly user preference, scientific research so far has shown that Green Malay is the most prominently used and has been one of the oldest strains of kratom used in ancient medicines as well. Because of all of the health benefits, including the peace of mind it can bring, along with the mental alertness, you can think of it like an alternative way to treat things like ADD. Many users feel pretty level-headed when it comes to using Green Malay over other strains, which can have drowsier and euphoric effects. Therefore, depending on what you’re looking for and what you plan on using kratom for when you start to take it will greatly determine on which strain is the right strain for you.

Which is Better? Capsules or Powder?

Again, this is also user preference. Taking kratom capsules may take a little longer when it comes to actually “kicking in”, and it’s often described as a slowly intensifying process before the effects reach their peak. Taking the capsules compared to the powders can also produce longer lasting effects. The powder however is known to be used to quickly feel the side effects, although they don’t last as long, and they can sometimes be more intense than when you take a carefully measured capsule.


It’s no wonder why with all of the positive things that are out there when it comes to trying kratom, especially the strain known as Green Malay. You get many of the best effects with this strain that you would get from both Green Maeng Da kratom and Bali strains combined with the mental alertness and mood enhancing feeling you could get from others.


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