Guide to a Guitar Synth Pedal – Top Synthesizer Guitar Pedals

In the 60s, guitar players began making attempts at imitating the sounds made by keyboard instruments with their guitars. A perfect example of this is the Guitorgan- a type of guitar built in a way that it can produce the same sounds that organs can produce.

In addition to guitorgans coming to limelight, the audio world also tried its hands on lots of devices which had a resemblance to the multi-effect systems of the future. This involves plugging your guitar into a box, tweaking a couple of buttons and begin getting signals just like synths.

Although guitar synths were introduced in the 60s, they became phenomenal in the 70s. Still, in the 70s, the Avatar was produced. It, however, did not become very successful because of its price.

Due to the effect, the synth can have on your music; converting your guitar to a synth is not a bad idea. This is because it is a tradition that is a lot older than you assumed.

 If you are looking to make use of guitar synths, you are on the right page. Read on to find out how to do this and answer the question, what is the best synth guitar pedal.

Substitute your Guitar with a Midi guitar

At this point, you have already done away with your guitar. There will be no point purchasing a keyboard as you can take advantage of the availability of MIDI guitars.

A MIDI guitar has the same appearance as an electric guitar. Its role, however, is to control a synthesizer. Although MIDI guitars do not need regular lutherie, they work with strings. Once in a while, you might stumble across strings attached to magnetic and hexaphonic pickups. You could also find false strings that majorly have the role of bringing about a generation of data

Get a Hexaphonic Pickup Installed

Roland has a rich legacy. This makes it possible to come across guitar synth modules, as well as hexaphonic pickups. This operates on an elementary principle. All you need to do is put a device on your guitar’s body to detect the movement of is strings. A lot of systems can be implemented without any form of difficulty. Due to this, you do not have to modify your guitar in any way.

If you are not sure of the best pickups to buy, you can purchase the Fishman Triple Play or the Roland GK-3. The Fishman Triple Play stands out. The reason for this is it is wireless, and a USB receiver accompanies it. This receiver makes it possible to connect it to a computer and make original sounds with the use of software.

Purchase Pedals

In the last decade, there has been major growth in digital technologies. It is now possible to create polyphonic sounds that have perfect tracking without having to make use of pickups. A lot of pedals only need you to connect to a sound system or an amp, and the vibrato, bends, as well as other expressions the guitar is capable of displaying,  can be translated.

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