Tips To Write A Good Letter

In this age of digitalisation and email, writing a letter has become a lost art. Instant emails and messaging has taken over the world. Writing a letter is more personalised and endearing but it has become obsolete. This does not mean we don’t use letter writing skills in the digital communication and even letter writing has its many advantages. There are places where you require a good skill set for writing letters and tips to make your letter crisp and perfect. The letters are of two types, formal and informal letters. Both have a different approach and a different way to write each of them.

Formal letters are the ones directed for professional communication. They follow a prescribed format and written in a passive voice.

Tips to Use for Writing a Formal Letter

  • Should be direct. It is mostly used for writing cover letters, research papers, writing job applications, requests to your boss, or various other things, a reference letter, letter of invitation.

  • The tone should be polite, straightforward.

  • There should not be any grammar mistakes. You can use tools like grammar checker to correct those.

  • They should avoid slangs or contractions.

  • It should be written to achieve a particular end and should be written with keeping in mind that end.

  • Standard English should be used and the words used must be simple and easy to understand.

  • The dates, address should be at the right place.

  • The salutations used should be appropriate and the opening statement must explain the purpose of the letter.

  • Each paragraph must make a specific point.

  • Using the pronoun you makes the reader engaged and you are speaking directly to it.

  • When the letter is used to convince someone to take a course of action using emotive language is very helpful.

  • Using facts and figures is also a great idea and supports your letter.

These letter formats are even used now in email writing and other multimedia communications used nowadays. Formal letters should be written in a direct, formal way and should not have any slang language. It should be to the point and addressed to the person concerned. They are written in a professional manner and one should be careful in drafting such a letter.

Informal Letters

Informal letters are easier to write because it is meant to be written to someone whom you are friendly with. It is usually directed to your loved ones, or someone whom you know in your personal capacity. Though it is informal it needs to be organized and should not be written in a haphazard manner. Writing friendly and informal letters are not very common nowadays but it does have a personal touch and always serves a great purpose.

Tips for Writing an Informal Letter

  • Greeting should be appropriate relating to how close you are to the person and a comma is required after the name.

  • The next opening statement should be asking about how that person is and can ask about their family etc.

  • The next point should be the purpose of the letter.

  • The language and tone should be friendly, colloquial language, expressions are allowed.

  • The ending should include statements which means to keep well and stay fine and the last salutation can be written as “love” and the person’s name.

With any kind of letter writing the person should have the following:

  1. A proper planning and direction before starting to write a letter.

  2. Think and record the point of the letter and why you are writing the letter.

  3. List the points you want to include in the letter.

  4. Most importantly, state what you want the reader to do, i.e. your action point has to be made.

  5. Mainly, there should not be any errors or mistakes. So it’s better to use Grammarly free trial software to fix such mistakes.

Final Words

Letter writing is an art in which you become better as time passes and the amount of practice you put into it. Letter writing can provide a wide focus and provides great scope in the future. It not only helps you in exams and studies but also helps you form formal letters in emails and sending your cover letters for job applications. Though it is obsolete it is one of the most used method of communication in the olden days and one with the highest personal touch. Though letter writing is not used the format remains quite the same in any other form.

These tips will really help you write a better letter and will fit in the required format. So try your hand at writing a letter and you will realize it is quite fun and in addition, you can become better at it.

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