The meaning of gemstones

1. Diamond. Diamond is the birthstone of April. The mineral name of the diamond is adamas, the English name means “hardest”. The word “Diamond” originated from ancient Greek “Adamant”, meaning invincible. Diamond is also the hardest gem. The ancient Romans thought it represented life and eternity, symbolizing constancy, purity and eternal love.

2. Ruby. In the traditional sense, ruby represents passion and love, so ruby is also called “stone of love”. Since ancient times, red is an auspicious color. Ruby is also regarded as a mascot. It monogram necklaces sterling silver get name necklace represents a kind of blessing. As long as you wear a ruby ring in your left hand, you will have magical powers. It can help you to turn the enemy into a friend, its energy can help to hold the leadership and enhance the spirit.

3. Sapphire. Sapphire and ruby Sapphires and rubies are sister stones, the stones of wisdom that help unlock wisdom, enhance understanding and creativity. Because it has become an indispensable decoration in the crown of the emperors in history, it is known as the “stone of the emperor.”

4. Emerald. Emerald is also known as beryl, the king of green gemstones. Its extra energy can enhance self-confidence and ease tension. It is good for health and longevity. According to the Old Testament, Christians believe that the resurrection of Jesus is related to emeralds. It is a symbol of re-emergence and has a divine power.

5. Pearl. Pearl is one of the earliest jewels used by human beings. It is beautiful in color and can be the perfect men’s jewelry without any manual processing. Among the birthstones of December, the international gemstones listed pearls as the lucky stones of the birth of June. The meaning of pearls is health, longevity and wealth.

6. Aquamarine. Aquamarine is the happiness stone. It enhances self-confidence, improves individuals’ expression, language competence and comprehension. It can keep throat healthy and balance the operation of the lymphatic system.

7. Cat’s eye. It is called the “strange stone”. The golden yellow drives the collection of wealth, makes people have strong beliefs and helps the cause to carry on.

8. White crystal can purify the mind, drive away evil spirits, enhance memory, and at the same time make the mind clear and have a calming effect.

9. Pink crystal is also known as ross quartz and love stone. It can increase attraction to the opposite sex, repair broken relationships and increase popularity.

10. Malachite is produced from a variety of minerals. It has the effect of gathering friends and making communication between people more harmonious. It is endowed with the meaning of “wife happiness”.

11. The lapis lazuli is called the jewel of heaven by the ancient Egyptians. It can increase communication and expression skills and contribute to spiritual improvement.

12. Strawberry quartz can enhance the luck at love, make your thoughts clearer and peace of mind.

13. Aamethyst can balance physical intelligence, wide-ranging popularity and strengthen memory development spirituality.

14. Tea crystal can stabilize emotions, make people quiet, enhance vitality and keep peace.

15.Citrine is also known as the stone of merchants with the effect of increasing personal wealth.

16. Orange crystal helps the wearer to create the ability to overcome difficulties.

17. Divergent crystal is also known as the “stone of wealth”. It contains a variety of pure microelements, and the colors are colorful, which can let a person increase self-confidence.

18. Green-phantom. You can set up a seven-star array to enhance your career fortunes and enhance the effect of positive financial fortunes.

19. Garnet is the stone of the faith. The energy stone belonging to the bottom of the sea can strengthen people’s vitality and endurance.

20. The Fender stone is the jewel-grade spessartine, it is also belongs to the garnet family, noble but not expensive. Its main colors are orange red, brown red, rose red, light rose, etc., all are bright and warm, suitable for winter wear. Orange red and orange yellow are more recommended, they are also the most valuable color.

21. Jade. Many people associate jade to purity or purification. For some, the meaning of jade is harmony and self-sufficiency.

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