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INTERVIEW: Louis Janus Thomas + Premieres New Music Video For “Latino Booty Sunrise”

After the success from his previous singles, Louis Janus Thomas returns with perhaps his most quirky song yet in the form of “Latino Booty Sunrise,” a track while doesn’t leave up to the culture stated in the title, it does instead embodies the fun and bright tone of the latter two words. With its blend of 60s and 90s Britpop, the single is the perfect soundtrack for the weekend.

Hi Louis, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? 

“Why thank you, It’s wonderful to be here. I’ve been pretty good! Hard at work with the debut but now I’m finally seeing some great results its really starting to make it feel worth while.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Latino Booty Sunrise”? 

“Yea absolutely.”

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

“Its a really strange one. I set out to write a track with classical pop and rock influences that anyone could listen to and have the potential to enjoy. The lyrical contents of the song are of many different natures that could be interpreted in a number of ways… so I guess the answer to that question is no unfortunately!”

Any plans to release a video for the single? 

“Yes of course! In this day and age you gotta be thinking about video especially if its your first release in my opinion. We shot it around January –  February at what I’d call the height of welsh winter. It was an absolute pleasure working along side local videographers Charlie Levy & Luke Kirkbride and although I wouldn’t say the final product is anything close to what I initially envisioned it being I can assure you, it is full of surprises.”

How was the recording and writing process? 

“The writing process was fairly usual. I wrote the chord progression in a very spontaneous manner one day as I was sat in my YMCA dorm room. I played the first three chords and you could say the rest of the music pretty much wrote itself, rather strange actually. The lyrics took me quite a while as I had to really think about what kind of message I wanted to put across, how they all flowed together and most of all – I needed to make sure they were relatable. A meticulous process but fun none the less.”

As for the recording process… well that was a bloody shambles! It wasn’t your average go to studio do your takes and there’s your track kind of thing no no… It started as a logic demo then we went to a studio in reading – then those takes were awful so we re-recorded in the upside-down zebra in north wales finally finishing the process off with new drum takes with my guy James Stevenson at some other place.”

What was it like to work with Blake Eiseman and how did that relationship develop? 

“God bless you Blake Eiseman. He is arguably the man who solidified the entire project. I’d tried countless engineers before coming to him and it was most certainly the right decision. He is brilliant and I can’t thank him enough for being so patient with me. He took a messy mix and turned it into something not only of high standard, but something I felt reciprocated my vision for the track.”

How much did he get to influence the song? 

“After a couple of emails I think Blake summed me up quite well. He knew it was my debut and knew about my anxieties behind it. I wanted the song exactly how I envisioned it and although it took email after email to get there we finally achieved it. I battled some of Blakes decisions behind the track but he came to make me realize that some of these things were for the best and certainly didn’t hinder the vision. I Trusted Blake and I think he even knew that if he grinded away at my decisions behind the mix it would be for the best. So he did have a hand in some technicalities but the song wasn’t in any way influenced by him I don’t think.”

What role does North Wales play in your music? 

“Just as music is apart of who we are so is where you come from. I’ve even gone as far as to mention one of the beaches I grew up hanging out at in one of my songs. Absersoch beach was a place where young me could become confident in my writing and playing ability playing around campfires at night to randomers aha. North Wales has played a huge part in what I am and the small, thriving art scene here is something truly special.”

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along? 

“Definitely. And yes – its coming along rather swimmingly.”

Any tentative release date or title in mind? 

“A lot sooner than you’d think”.

Any plans to hit the road? 

“For sure  – whatever chance I get but its all about the budgeting at that point really isn’t it and I may need to take a step back to take a leap forward if you know what I mean.”

What else is happening next in Louis Janus Thomas’ world? 

“Well I’m off to Spain for a bit this summer to relax and contemplate on the project as a whole – just to get away from music & my job for a while but apart from that who knows!”

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