Don’t Miss your Favorite Sports Outside the USA

If you travel a lot outside of the U.S., you may find that you miss watching your favorite sports team in action. Many of the sites that would normally stream the content or show it live are region locked. This is why when you try and watch the content from outside of America, you can’t. It is a pain in the butt!

There is a way, however, to watch outside US to see your favorite sports. This is done by using a smart domain name server service.

Smart Doman Name Server (DNS)

To understand how a smart DNS works, it is important to understand how the geoblockers deployed by content providers work. A provider can read your IP address and match that address to where you are in the world. If it detects you are in America, it will unlock the content allowing you to watch. If it detects you are outside of the U.S., it will deploy the Geoblocker and stop you from watching the content.

To get around this, sites such as use a smart DNS. This routes your access via American servers. As the content provider detects the content is coming through an American server it unlocks the material allowing you to watch.

This enables you to watch NBC Sports and others that you would generally watch at home.

Many users of smart DNS and VPNs believe that a good smart DNS is far more reliable than using a VPN to unlock content. This is because they do not actually mask an IP address and are far more likely to ‘fool’ a provider and subsequently get past the geoblock.

Virtual private networks (VPN) on the other hand, mask the IP address completely, creating an encrypted tunnel that your information is sent through. Over the last few years, content providers have become very adept at identifying VPNs and deploying a geoblock on content.

That said, this is a constant battle with no winner in sight. VPNs and smart DNS service providers are refining their offerings all the time, finding new ways to get past geoblocks to enable content to be viewed.

As you would expect, streaming providers have hit back detecting these methods and deploying geoblocking to stop VPNs from working.

Most content providers either restrict content due to copyright reasons or because they don’t want to broadcast outside of their home region.

Currently, smart DNS is the only way to ensure you can view your favorite sports outside of the U.S.

How to Find a Good Smart DNS

When looking for the right smart DNS it is a good idea to gauge some reviews. Commit some time to this so you can make up your own mind as to which one is right for you.

Generally, premium services are better than free services and offer more features. For more reliable services it is best to opt for premium.

Use comparisons sites so you know which ones to research. It is worth spending time researching all providers to make the right choice of smart DNS for you.

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