5 Rules to Follow While Attending Photography Festivals

Ambitious photographers always attend photography festivals. During a photography festival, photographers get the chance to practice a number of disciplines. With a central action location, you’ll definitely get the chance to try out anything you want for example, street photography, night photography, landscape, fast action and much more. You’ll also get the chance to play and discover different types of subjects and lighting. Not to forget the captivating stories you’ll have to tell your family and friends.

There is a festival for everything ranging from the huge Burning Man Festival to food, wine and music festivals. For example, Australia has a weird but amazing festival called Tunarama which involves tossing tunas. That’s funny, right? Unfortunately, I did not make it to Australia.

You can go to any festival you want. All them have something good and unique about them. Have you ever thought of combining your family vacation with photography? It’s very possible. All you need is to go to the festival of your choice with your family and friends. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes.

1. Finding your festival

You are free to choose a destination of your liking. You can also make use of Google by typing in best photography festivals in October and November. Similar to writers from cheap writing services, Google always has some great ideas for you. You might find a music festival in the UK or a tribal festival in Guinea. You just have to choose what interests you.

You can also use your schedule to find your destination. And this is not complicated at all. To avoid missing out, always choose the destination and time according to the event.

2. Book and plan your trip

According to one of the best essay writing service , you should book your trip as soon as you can to avoid any inconveniences at the eleventh hour. It’s also good to plan and prepare yourself early enough. Popular events and festivals will definitely attract a huge number of people across the world. Due to this fact booking a flight or getting a great hotel can be very expensive and at times impossible if done at the last minute. Therefore, it’s very important prepare everything in advance.

Also, choose a hotel that is strategically located near the venue. You don’t want to spend a lot of time commuting only to miss out on several opportunities. Take your time when selecting a hotel and you’ll be a step ahead of the crowd. Remember, in photography, time is everything.

If possible, get the schedule of the event. Since time is crucial to every ambitious photographer, you can avoid wasting it by knowing where to be and what to do in advance. This is especially true when you are working around a moving festival for example, a parade. Most events are posted online nowadays. Therefore, take your time to find one. And when you arrive, confirm the schedule with your taxi driver or receptionist to avoid inconveniences.

3. The location

You need to be early before the crowds. Getting the best spot on the first row will be impossible unless you arrive at the venue early. You might feel uncomfortable or bored arriving earlier than everyone else but it will definitely pay off in spades. Getting the best spot will definitely boost your career.

At the end of the day, you won’t feel like you wasted your time or energy. Arrive with the crowd and you’ll end up capturing people’s backs and heads. Doing the hard and necessary things will always pay off in the long run.

4. Get a great vantage point

You need to find a vantage point that is off public. If you look for it, you’ll always find it. Be creative and discover a legal way to avoid the street hustle by getting to a high point. Look for a perfect location around. A window or a balcony will give you a great perspective of the entire event. It’s important for you to seek approval from the owner before trying out this stunt.

You can also create your vantage point. There are some creative photographers and Rushmyessay writers who just think of an idea that ends up working in a brilliant fashion. For example, the use of stools and small ladders will allow you to capture the moment without the heads or backs of people. As a travel photographer, being smart in festivals is critical to your success.

5. Be on the lookout

You should always be alert during the festival. While photography festivals are great, not everyone has the best intention at heart. Watch your gear too. Pickpocketing is very common especially in crowded festivals. Also, things can get ugly anytime. You might end up getting injured as two people or a groups fight.

The best thing you can do is avoiding crowded areas. If you have a gut feeling something’s not right where you are, just move away. Your intuition might save you big time. Do not think that religious festivals are protected from these occurrences. Anything can happen. Therefore, you should always be ready.

After the festival

So, what will happen after the festival is over? Yes, you’re right. Going back home. As the popular saying goes, east or west home is the best. After enjoying your vacation, it’s time to get some serious work done. You’ll need to create a wide range of images. When sorting and editing your photos, always do your best to enhance diversity. Look at your photos from different views such as portraits, crafts, high vantage points and day or night to name a few.

Once all the sorting is done, start approaching organizers and pitch your work. Event organizers will help by getting your work published. And this might give you a ticket to private areas during your next festival. If the festival was traditional in nature, you can send your amazing images to the local embassy. You can also encourage them to make use of your network.

Popular festivals

  • Kumbh Mela festival – The Kumbh Mela festival is one of the largest festivals in the world. It’s Indian and religious in nature. Millions of people visit the holy Ganges river to bathe. It’s held after every twelve years. The next one will be in the year 2022 at Nashik Trimbak, Hridawar and Allahabad in India.

  • Dia de Muertos Mexico – The Day of the Dead is an awesome festival for photographers. It takes place throughout Mexico. On this day, the Mexicans believe that their dead will come back to earth and are getting ready for this event. The locals prepare food and offerings which are taken to decorate the graves. The festival is worth thousands of great photos. The festival is expected to start this November all over Mexico.

  • Songkran in Thailand – This festival marks Thai’s new year. During this festival, you should get your things covered because you’ll get wet. Yes, very wet. In Thai culture, water is believed to be a purifying element. Water fights do happen during this festival. There will be delicious food, music and yes, street dancing. Don’t forget to uncover your camera after the water fight. This event takes place around the middle of April every year all over Thailand.


Which festival are you looking forward to attend this year or next year? Making preparations early enough will help you avoid any inconveniences. As an ambitious photographer, time is everything. Do your best every time out. You have nothing to lose.

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