The Most Popular Sport Activities Millennials Want to Try

While millennials do understand the importance of physical discipline and rigorous activities that shape our bodies into resilient machines, they are not exactly fans of professional sport games. They are especially not the fans of the games that involve two teams fighting for supremacy over a ball.

That being said, you may also be surprised to find out that the first generation (fully) grown on the World Wide Web also does enjoy sport activities, just not the ones you might think of first. After all, a whopping 63% of this generation’s adults partake in some sort of exercise. Take a peek at the most popular sport activities millennials want to try.

Outdoor fitness

In a world ravaged by climate change and pollution, the millennial generation seems to be the one that truly relishes the wondrous intricacies of nature. A sort of practical generation that likes to intertwine enjoyable and useful, they have found a way to savor the outdoor splendor and get involved in a plethora of open-ended sport activities. Thus, outdoor fitness became a buzzword.

 At the very least, the millennials will prefer to don their workout equipment and venture out to the local park or coastline. It has to be a nearby landmark with natural quality and organic topography, and they can begin a sequence of fitness activities in the rhythm that they see fit. That’s not to say that they are not ready to go out of town and visit the local national park, sometimes on a daily basis, to hike through nature and dabble in some lightweight mountaineering.

Outdoor fitness is all about rediscovering your connection to nature and building your musculature in an environment that gave birth to modern humans.


Millennials adore a challenge that improves their self-discipline. They are all about achieving equilibrium between the mind and the body by improving their own patience and mental energy. Furthermore, they enjoy activities that bring multiple benefits to the table, so it is by no means a surprise that golf has remained popular among the millennials.

As the first ‘certified’ tech natives that were grown on disposable visuals and fast-moving information tableaus, golf comes as a refreshing change of pace: something that improves their ability to concentrate, strengthens their emotional intelligence and leaves an open room for more players during a game. Yes, millennials prize their individuality, but they also love to have options.

Due to these factors, peculiarly, golf is becoming quite an affluent market worth investing in. It has been estimated that circa three-quarters of millennials will strongly consider joining a private club. Online traffic on websites such as Hombre Golf Club which offers top-notch equipment is ramping up as time goes by. It appears that there is a bright future for golf ahead, especially as millennials begin to approach their retirement years.

Water sports

Just as they enjoy nature, millennials cannot get enough of water. Nearly 20% of individuals belonging to this generation will try their hand at a water sport of some kind. While athletic swimming, surfing, and waterskiing are always popular, millennials have brought scuba diving to the forefront in an unprecedented way.

In fact, it seems that millennials love to spend time underwater just as much as they love to keep their heads above water. In many ways, the motifs behind this are the same as the ones that make them appreciate outdoor fitness – they are rediscovering the beauty of underwater life and landscape, appreciating them in the way that their parents didn’t.


This might be an unfair entry on this list because cycling represents so many things. It can be a way of life, the eco-friendly statement, a way to convenient transport in big cities and, of course, sport activities. As has already been mentioned above, millennials are particularly attracted to something that functions on multiple levels, and cycling is definitely one such activity.


In the introduction, it has been mentioned that millennials are not really interested in pro-sports that involve opposing teams that scuffle for the ball (or a puck, for that matter). However, nothing can dampen the worldwide allure of soccer, and it looks like millennials will not be a generation to ‘break the chain’.

In fact, of all the competitive, professional sport games, soccer is the one that is most clearly on the rise, and it is very likely that Generation Z will carry the torch as the most soccer-crazy generation to date.


Once you take a good and hard look at the assortment of activities presented above, it’s not hard to see a pattern. Millennials actually enjoy activities that do not only bring reliable results but which also bring a sense of unadulterated fun to the table.

Additionally, they prioritize sports that are more about finding one’s inner, individual equilibrium than partaking in intense group activities. By no means does this signify that millennials dislike company in sport, as most of these activities also leave an ‘open room’ for additional peers to get involved.

Once you understand these parameters, everything finally begins to make sense – i.e. the frame of mind which is typical for the millennial spirit: multi-purpose, individuality, modularity and fun.

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